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Here's how things work on my page: All patrons at all levels receive the same rewards. Reward increases are based on the TOTAL dollar amount of support contributed by ALL patrons collectively.

Why don't I have tiers of patronage? I trust that all of my supporters are pledging an amount  commiserate with their ability to pay, and the value they feel they derive. It goes against my egalitarian grain to offer special treatment to supporters who pay more. Besides, my ability to create is more directly tied to the total amount I receive, not any one individual's contribution. I like the idea of a team effort to reach collective higher tiers of patronage to "unlock" more rewards.

So what kind of rewards might those be? We'll start with a monthly newsletter with a brief summary of what I've been up to creatively in the previous month and what I'm anticipating in the month to come. 

Beyond that, I'd like to hear input from my patrons on what kind of rewards you'd like! Some ideas I have:

-videos of me reading poems aloud

-videos of me singing songs

-blog entries about my creative process

-sneak peaks of drafts, journal pages, old photos and the like

-signed prints of my poems

-wouldn't be hard to have magnets or mugs made if there was interest

Let me know what you'd most like, or any requests or ideas I haven't mentioned!

We'll all unlock new rewards together at the following collective dollar amounts:








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Thank you for taking enough interest in my work to visit my Patreon site!

I write poetry out of a deep love for language, humanity, and our world. I make every effort to make my poetry as accessible as possible to anyone who may find joy, solace, beauty, wisdom, or connection in this language.

When humanity developed language, we began naming our world. Thus began the illusion of separation. Thus we began to forget who and what we are, our place among the web of life. I strive in my work to redeem language from a modality of forgetting, to one of re-membering, of integrating the disparate parts of our selves and our world. In an era of twisted language and disregard for the truth, poets are more important than ever.

Through the medium of language, I am a healer, an awakener, a Creator, a liberator.

If my writing has touched you, I am asking you to support me for the same reason you may support public radio: Help me continue to create this vital art of language that touches and inspire, and make it available for everyone. Because our world needs it. 

I invite you to become a patron on either a one-time, or a monthly basis, in any amount that's right for you, from as little as $1.

With deepest gratitude,

P.S. I also appreciate various non-monetary means of support. Read more here. And thanks!
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 5 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 5 exclusive posts

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