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About Leah King

Hey there! Thank you so much for visiting my Patreon. It is awesome that you have found my work and found your way here to find out more about it! 

I've been drawing since before I can remember, and I went to college for watercolor, finishing with BFA in Fine Arts. After college. I've done a few freelance jobs here and there, worked for a small game company for a year or two, took a break and did the marriage and kid thing, and now as my time becomes less limited I've jumped back into my art. 

Back in college I was drenched in the fine art way of doing things, and my illustration passion took a back seat for a very long time because illustration (according to my college professors) wasn't "art". Currently, I've learned to re-embrace my passion for illustrative work and it's been a slow process in trying to refocus on the things I really love to draw, and the skills I really want to develop. So thank you for coming all this way to my Patreon and allowing me to introduce and share my journey with you!

As of right now, I'm going to keep my Patreon pretty simple as I set up all my social media accounts and readjust some of my current ones. As I get into the groove of things I'll add some tiers and some cool stuff for patrons. Thanks for visiting and I hope you'll join this crazy ride with me! 

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