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About Martin Berkhan

Welcome to the last remaining resort for rational people interested in fitness, nutrition and strength. In an age of fake news, gimmicks and plain old bullshit, this place contains a treasure trove of goodies.

If you like what you see at Leangains or found use of the things I wrote about in the #1 bestseller The Leangains Method: The Art of Getting Ripped. Researched, Practiced, Perfected you'll love this place. And if you're lucky enough to have stumbled over all this for the very first time, congratulations. Your life is about to change.

Who am I?

I'm Martin Berkhan, the thinking man's musclehead and - not my words, but hey, it's true - a legend in the iron game. I put intermittent fasting on the map a decade before it was cool and I've saved countless from weakness and mediocrity; it was I who wrote the landmark article on the devastating disease, Fuckarounditis. A terrifying condition that still claims unthinkable numbers every day. 

So what is this? The Leangains Patreon membership is for the intelligent and selective reader wishing to educate himself (or herself) about weight training, nutrition and ways of strength, leanness, and balance.

Through personal experience, know-how, and science, I provide a shortcut to your dream physique, make you smarter in the process and promise a good time getting there. No scammy hacks or conman tricks here. Just facts, knowledge and untold pearls of wisdom from two decades in the iron game.

That will change your life. Or at least provide you with unique perspectives you won't glean from 20-year old fitness gurus on YouTube. 😉 Guaranteed.

That work! Tried, tested and evaluated on countless clients before they're posted here. As of June 17th, there are three training programs available and more in the pipeline. Want to gain quality muscle fast? Then check out the Patreon bulking routine based on my popular Reverse Pyramid Training methodology. Or become a Chin-Up God by using the very effective routine by the same name.

Our main hub of action. Here, cordial discussions take place and advice is carefully given by those qualified to do so. I keep a no-tolerance policy in regards to bulllshit and make it my business to root it out whenever it's seen. Offending members are dealt with. Claims without scientific merit do not exist here. That's what makes this place unique.

You will also find my personal training log. This is one of the main feature for September 2019 and onwards. Not your usual training log, rest assured. It's not about me and my lifting, it's about my thoughts, ideas and views on training after two decades of hands-on experience. If you want to rep out with 700 lbs deadlifts while staying ripped, this is what you should be reading. I walk the talk. Here's a taste.

A members-only podcast loved by many. Me and my co-host discuss hot topics in the fitness community and answer questions from forumites - it's fun, casual and righteous stuff. Think Joe Rogan, but better.

You get all this for a measly ten bucks per month. Want my advice? Gimme your money and let's rock and roll. Being real ain't cheap but that's a goddamn steal if you ask me. 💯

To all my Patrons, I greatly appreciate your support. There's much to look forward to thanks to you.
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