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About Dutchies to be - Learn Dutch with Kim

Hoi allemaal, Dutchies to be!

I'm Kim, 35 years old and I am a teacher of Dutch as a second language for over 4 years. In August 2019 I also started to make videos for an online Dutch course. The videos are published on YouTube and are FREE for every student to watch, so everybody has the opportunity to learn Dutch for free

To sum up what I'm currently making:

1. Weekly videos on YouTube on a variety of subjects. See for instance:

2. A free ebook
I am collecting stories written by students to turn into a free ebook for other students! You can find my project here.

3. A lot of classes and courses in my online school on a variety of grammatical subjects. 

4. A lot of sets with FLASHCARDS!
I am making sets for words (thematically) and verbs (also in several different categories). Dutchies 2.0 can choose one of these two options, and Dutchies 3.0 and higher can get access to everything.


Over the last 1,5 years more and more of you have started to support me, which gave me the opportunity to decrease my "regular" working hours and spend more time on these projects. I am so grateful for you guys! Right now, I am using a big sum of your pledges on hiring a girl who is assisting me with all different tasks, making sure my materials get even better!

So, if you decide to support me, know that your pledge is used to invest my time in making (mostly free) content and being able to hire assistance! :)

And of course, if you're supporting me, YOU will also get something in return! You can choose how much you want to donate, and in the tier description, you can see what BENEFITS you will receive! See tier descriptions for more info!

After making a pledge, I will contact you and send you your benefits! If you want to have a private class with me, we will put our schedules together and will make an appointment!

Thanks so much for taking the time to read this, and in advance for your contribution!! 

256 of 350 patrons
Update: 19th of April 2021

My previous goal was 250 patrons so I could hire an assistant to help me with some administrative work. I have achieved this goal and can now afford some help with this. It makes life so much easier and I can focus again more on my content and getting some free hours to rest every once a while! So thank you all for that!

My next goal is to reach 350 patrons. If I reach that, want to hire a teacher who can help me make more Dutch content!! I really need someone to help me to keep up to speed and also to make more B1 and B2 content!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 96 exclusive posts
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 96 exclusive posts
Audio releases

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