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Thank you so much for believing in me and supporting me! In return you get  access to my personal feed, where I (bi-)weekly post a story or a chapter of an ebook that I'm writing. 

The texts that I upload are accessible for 8 weeks.
Dutchies Bronze, Silver and Gold have unlimited access to everything.
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Wow, thank you so much for your help! What can I offer you in return? What do you think of:
- access to the podcasts that accompany the published stories and chapters of my ebooks in my Patreon feed, to practice your listening skills!
- access to extra materials or exercises that I upload that supplement the videos on my YouTube channel.
- a 75% discount on the beginners course, or a 50% discount on other online classes that I publish on teachable! See: https://learndutchwithkim.teachable.com/courses
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I'm really happy you are supporting me AND are also interested in the online course! Because with this pledge you'll get all of the above, plus:
- As long as you're a patron you will get free acces to two online classes per month - OR to the entire beginners course. See https://learndutchwithkim.teachable.com/courses

*When you are a patron for at least 5 months, you will also have access to both the beginners course as well as the other online classes.





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UPDATE (8-1-2020) I had an introduction video but I'm going to shoot a new one because the last one was outdated: I've created a LOTTT over the last half a year! If you want to know about my project, then please read my intro below!

Hi everybody! Hoi allemaal!

I'm Kim, 33 years old and I am a teacher Dutch as a second language for three years now. In August 2019 I also started to make videos for an online Dutch course. The videos are published on YouTube and are FREE for every student to watch, so everybody has the opportunity to learn Dutch for free

To sum up what I'm currently making:

1. A course for beginners: almost every week I upload a video for beginners that you can watch here for free! Supplementary to the course I'm making an online course that you can enroll in right here. The course is 10 euros for 25 classes, but as a patron you can get access for free! Here you can watch the introduction video to this course:

2. Other video's on a variety of subjects: grammarphrases, proverbs, stories to practice listeninginterviews with students, etc. See for instance:

3. An e-book. The chapters and stories that I'm writing I'm first publishing here in my Patreon website, so you will be the first ones to have access!
4. Other classes in my online school to practice with the grammatical subjects that I'm explaining in my videos.

As you can see, I am doing a lot - and I am dedicating A LOT of my FREE TIME to this project. So I could really use a little bit of your help!
If you like my work and want me to be able to continue making content, then please consider making a monthly contribution :) With your donation you are contributing to unique and mostly free materials that are available for everyone! 

Of course YOU will also get something in return! You can choose how much you want to donate and in the tier description you can see what BENEFITS you will get in return!

(see tier descriptions for more info!)

$1 = you will have access to my texts that I publish here to so you can practice your reading skills

$3 = you will have access to the podcasts and texts that I publish here to so you can practice your listening and reading skills + a 75% discount on the beginners course.

$5 = you can get access either to the entire beginners course, OR to 2 classes per month on other specific subjects.

$10 = you can get access to the beginners course AND to 2 online classes per month

$20 = all of the above + you will get credits in my videos and every 2 months you can ask me a question which I will answer in one of my videos!

If you even want to learn MORE and get some extra personal guidance, you can choose a $35, $70 or $100 pledge. With the 70 and 100 dollar pledge you will also get a private video class every month! (please see tier descriptions for more info!!!)

After making a pledge, I will contact you and send you your benefits! If you want to have a private class with me, we will put our schedules together and will make an appointment!

Thanks so much for taking your time to read this, and in advance for your contribution!! 


$248 of $600 per month
I'm making mostly FREE (or fairly priced) materials to enable everyone to learn Dutch! I try to upload 6 videos per month, write texts and make podcasts, make online courses and write an e-book. And did I say I did all of this in my free time!?
If you like my work then I like to ask you for a contribution so I will be able to continue all of my efforts, without dropping dead! Because yes, I also still have to put some bread on the table ;) So, when I reach my 600 dollar goal, it will cover a couple of paid working hours per week, so I can keep up straight and continue all my efforts!! And YOU will not only contribute to MY project, but also to YOURS! Because, if you're learning Dutch, you will get super nice materials in return for your pledge!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 32 exclusive posts
Audio releases
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