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Your submitted questions will get priority on Q&A videos 

Though not a 100% guarantee (especially if I don't know the answer myself), patrons of this tier and higher will receive priority in having any questions they submit being answered in Q&A videos posted on the video channel.

*Sorry if this reward isn't—well, rewarding enough for you. I'm not too much a fan of exclusivity when it comes to access to resources for education. This channel and project was started so that any given person with an internet connection could learn Japanese and be immersed a fair amount into the language and its culture, so I really don't want to have to offer things like extra videos or study text documents or private lessons to just patrons and deprive everyone else of the same content when I could be using the time put into all that to make free content for everyone and spread the knowledge as far as possible. As a result, the best I can really think of in terms of patron rewards is really simple things like early access to content and priority on the less substantial aspects such as the Q&A questions. All in all, no matter what, please just know that that you would go the extra length to support this project on a monetary level is deeply appreciated, so, truly, thank you very much!

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Submit lines from your favorite shows to be covered in videos!

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Submit lines and catchphrases from your favorite anime for us to cover on our Learn Japanese from Anime/Anime Line of the Day/Anime Catchphrases series. 

We will either make a video lesson from it or personally send you a text analysis of the line if it isn't quite educational or applicable to real life conversation enough to justify a video lesson. 

Depending on popularity, we may limit submissions to one request per month per patron. 

Also get all lower-tier rewards. 

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About LearningJapanese


Official Learn Japanese YouTube Channel (where we host our 200+ video lessons and more)
Learn Japanese with Anime
becauseofdreams Japanese Translation Project (for listening practice and amusement)


Learning Japanese is a video series presented by becauseofdreams member l3reezer, or otherwise known as scHoolboyA on his own personal YouTube channel. The project was initially suppose to be a method to refresh the knowledge of the Japanese language that he was supposed to already know for his own studies. As such, the material presented is in fact presented by, by all means, a student. To be exact, a student who had only been studying the language of Japanese for two years at the time of this video series's conception. And a pretty bad student on record, at that. There are sure to be the occasional mishaps, mistakes and misinformation, so do always be keen on learning with your own attentive eye and mind.I look forward to continuing on with the series with videos about language as well as culture, so thank you for showing support by even just watching this one video or following along for the rest of the series.

What started as a way to review material has begun turning into a labor of love and obligation. As a long-time student but more importantly a child of the internet, a now changing-moreso-than-ever-landscape, I am highly attracted to the idea of contributing to the movement of free education on the internet that rivals that of formal academic institution. While it is indeed ironic that I should say that on a social platform that is requesting monetary pledges, the fact of the matter is that each video lesson, regardless of how short or how long, easily takes more than two hours to film, edit, render, upload, and publish; support on Patreon will justify the time and work put into this video series that at times otherwise might have needed to go somewhere else just for the sake of living expenses. Pledges will also assist in improving the video over time, the very long amount of time that I intend to keep this video series alive. 
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Official Logo Design
A professionally made logo to represent the Learning Japanese video series. May be used for merchandise such as shirts, lanyards, etc. in the near future.
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