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About Learning Life

Hello! My name is Michayla and I am an education addict. I love to learn. Always have, always will. Despite an almost detour to become a high school music teacher, I redirected myself to train as a primary school (kindergarten to year/grade 6 if you are not Australian) and special education teacher. I have had the privilege to teach in all sorts of different environments - from multi-age classes on a ship, to in full-to-the-max public school classrooms, as an ESL teacher, teaching 6th grade in a small independent school (just ask them how I pronounced “interrogative” - years later we still laugh about it) and I have even run my own little school. Now I just want to take my heart and passion to the world; I never stop learning, never stop teaching, never stop sharing my ideas on education. I am passionate about education and tend to have a lot to say about it (it’s good and well researched, I promise you). These videos are my thoughts, others’ thoughts presented my way - or my opinions thereof, and just all round good stuff that I would love parents to hear. Learning Life started a couple of years ago but we took a hiatus, but we are back - revamped and raring to go. It won’t just be videos on education but also on parenting, and some other random acts of silliness with a purpose.

Just another note about me: I have twin girls who are trinational, smart, sassy and a little bit too much like me at times. We are officially unschooling for preschool, and probably kindergarten (you will be hearing my thoughts about starting kids too early!) and I love to take many different moments and use them to teach, guide and facilitate.

Being a patron will help this international stay-at-home teacher bring my thoughts to the world as I aim to support and encourage others as they tackle parenting, their children’s schooling, and the ins and outs of raising powerful people.
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The next level - and a dream job for me - is to start a channel where I read children's books. Reaching 100 patrons will enable me to launch this channel...and who wouldn't love to hear an Aussie read books with amazing inflection and really bring them to life?
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