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You are at level 1. You have only begun to fight. I will post my videos at least one day earlier on here so that you get to see them first! I am working on stuff for other tiers!  Thank you!
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Now you're talking! You are running with the big dogs now! Okay "bigger" dogs. Anyone who joins this tier will have their name mentioned or shown on the screen at the end of each video! Thanks for joining!
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My, my, my how you have grown! You have ascended the staircase of knowledge to a new height! You are well on your way to self enlightenment! Okay maybe not but it sounds cool right? Anyone who joins this tier will get a personal shout out from me at the beginning of every video! Thanks for joining. 




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About Learning To Survive

Hey Gang!
Welcome to my Patreon Page! I love to do unboxings as well as review survival gear especially knives. Almost all of my reviews are what are called "table top" reviews as I am new to all of this hence the name of the page and YouTube channel. I am learning as I go and trying to share what knowledge I do learn with all of you! I appreciate you taking the time out to check out my page! Now get over there and join a tier!

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