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It all started in 2013 when my buddy challenged me to run the Two Oceans Half Marathon at the tender weight of 105kgs.

I was definitely not a runner nor did I possess any athletic ability.
Nevertheless, I beat him and it started me on the path to leaving the couch.
Like most people’s fitness journeys, I fell off the path and gained weight shortly thereafter. At my heaviest I weighed 11okgs and sported a 42″ waist. It took the birth of my daughter in 2014 to help me commit to a healthier lifestyle and get myself into shape taking off 25kgs and a few pants sizes

I’ve now moved from “average oke” to “fitter average oke” and I use leavethecouch.com to share my tales of training, adventure and discovering this newer version of Fareed with the goal of (hopefully) inspiring others to get up and let that bum-print on the couch fill back up
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