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"If you want something, you must earn it." I don't usually pay much attention to fortune cookie slips but this one caught my eye. Probably because I teach economics and economics is a subject focused upon how scarce resources get allocated from party to party. For an exchange to take place, both parties have to feel like they're better off after the exchange than they are before it. I want this relationship to be no different. I want you to feel you've gained from the exchange. I'd prefer to be able to finish my writing and videos on my own without assistance, but I have no confidence I will be able to do so any time soon. Time, after all, is money. And, I currently work multiple jobs to make ends meet for my family. If I'm going to finish the work I would like to finish, I'll need to purchase some time to do so.

My ultimate goal is to have at least two texts finished - brisk reads that hit important points for the layman, so that anyone can get a nice, comfortable grip on the logic underlying the subject without spending a ton of money to do so. I'd also like to finish a series of videos highlighting major topics and themes in the field in a way that helps everyone from the young student to the seasoned professional.

My purpose isn't to tell anyone what to think. My purpose is to help you figure out how to think like an economist (as Frederic Bastiat said: "We need to be able to see that which is not easily seen.")

Of course, any constructive feedback is always appreciated. And, particularly when it comes to principles-level economics, there really is no such thing as a stupid question. So, ask away. I definitely intend to work Q&A videos into my lineup after the major subject points are covered.
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