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Welcome to my patron-only feed: posts I share personally with supporters. Converse about what's happening in the Studio before it becomes published work. Send comments or questions about my work or animal liberation generally. I'll address them on my patron-only feed that goes out to subscribers. Open invitation. And thank you. 


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Patrons introduce valuable ideas into the discussion, bringing the process of the writing and talks into a community. In addition to the engagement invitation described in the tier above, you'll further receive a personal thank-you on the "about" section of my blog, Vegan Place, for the duration of your sponsorship. Thank you, Advocates, for continuing to help bring new, vegan-focused work out to CounterPunch and other publications, even as Covid has put a damper on public talks.  


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Along with thanks at VeganPlace.blog you'll be my blog Muse whenever inspiration strikes you!This will prompt up to one inspired post a month like:  
  • A conversation with Ellie on service animals.
  • Thoughts inspired by Bill on the foundation for vegan living.
  • Food for thought from Justin on whether vegans kill more animals by eating crops.
Along with receiving my thanks at VeganPlace.blog: Tell me the topic you'd like blogged! Open invitation. how much you'll participate is entirely up to you. Let the blogging continue!




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About Lee Hall

Welcome to a shared Studio for the Art of Animal Liberation.

Current subscribers have supported the production of a free, downloadable public resource: Vegan 101By becoming a member of this Studio for the Art of Animal Liberation, you can contribute to two new slideshows, now in progress: Connecting the Dots: Farming, Animals, and Climate and Veganizing the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Pandemic permitting, they'll be shown at the University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown in July 2022, during the Vegan Summerfest conference.

Patreon takes a little and gives a lot to the artists, educators, and advocates who rely on it. This platform makes decentralized, direct advocacy possible. And this is how...I work for you, for your community. Here is some feedback from those who've invited me to contribute to theirs.

The feedback I received regarding the Planet-Focused Paneland Lee's presentation in particularwas extremely positive. People said that they learned a tremendous amount, and that Lee’s session was highly informative.
     — Atty. Kimberly E. Diamond, Founder, Berkeley Heights Vegan Fest

I first met Lee ten years ago, when I was in college. We invited Lee to speak at a student-led speaker series, and that first encounter has shaped the way I think about how we interact with other species from that day forward. Hearing Lee speak about veganism and animal liberation was one of those rare moments where different parts of my brain seemed to click together into place, and I thought “of course!” That feeling has continued unabated every time I attend one of Lee’s workshops or read Lee’s 
latest book, which was hours of... “Ah, of course!” “Of course!” “Of course!”
     — Kathy Zager, West Hartford, CT

Hello, Lee! Thank you very much for not only accepting your invitation to speak at this event [2021 Vegan Earth Day Summit], but also delivering such an engaging presentation. Your idea of needing to divest from animal ag is an extremely valuable extension to the idea of divesting from other sources of environmental devastation…The attention you paid to free-living animals (however free they can be in a world this environmentally compromised, at least) was extremely valuable; we spend so much time talking about animal ag that we often relegate the accelerating disappearance and profound distress of trillions upon trillions of fellow animals to the status of a footnote.
— Kyle Luzynski of
Project Animal Freedom

Freedom is veganism’s logical conclusion. This means, as Kyle notes, we focus on the positive: animal communities, untamed, thriving in untamed spaces. 

Publications and visual resources are vital to getting the word out. Your support inspires and enables the Studio to:

  • Connect the dots from animal ethics to environmentalism.
  • Show how vegans spare animals from being turned into commodities—and how the vegan commitment eases the pressure on our global bio-community.
  • Paint a picture of a new human identity in relation to Earth’s other life.

Thank you for being here, whether to browse and think about these ideas, or to subscribe and bring them out to wider audiences.

Love and liberation,

Note to Patrons: The Studio for the Art of Animal Liberation is not incorporated under the 501(c)(3) category, so contributions are not tax-deductible. Listed rewards are intended for persons supporting this project in good faith, without intent to restrict the terms of my contributions. Want more information? E-mail meThank you for your support through the public health crisis we have all faced in since early 2020.
$386.73 of $700 per month
Sustenance for monthly projects, to include:

  • Vegan festival talks. (We miss them and want to make them a thing again!)
  • Discussion of veganism as encompassing race, gender and LGBTQI+ concerns, and social injustices. 
  • Op-eds and columns confronting animal exploitation.
  • Vegan climate and sustainability work. 
  • Habitat advocacy and discussion of animals as climate refugees. 
  • Animal liberation philosophy development.
  • Online PowerPoint presentations for the public.
  • Discussion of social/psychological issues facing advocates. 
  • Creating an audio version of On Their Own Terms: Animal Liberation.
In bold is what's already done or in the works. Let’s do it all! 
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 128 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 128 exclusive posts

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