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About Lee Hulme

Hi there! Thanks for visiting. My name's Lee Hulme (they/them) and I'm a writer.

If you decide to join my happy little band of patrons, you'll be getting:

First: Stories. Always stories.
Stories about whatever drops into my head, and fortnightly tales based on prompts. Fantasy, horror, supernatural, comedy, there's a mix of everything in there. If you'd like to check some out, please visit the story section on my website to find everything from superheroes to cats.

And I'm committed to telling inclusive stories - so I hope you'll be able to find yourself in my tales.

I'd love tell more stories, and I'd love to expand into audio storytelling. I have talented friends chomping at the bit to act out in front of a microphone, but I can't do that without being able to pay them something. So that's a long-term goal, and I'd love your help towards achieving it.

But in the short term, there's a book (or two) which need writing and more short stories to write, and every penny helps me pay more attention to those than I currently pay to working and bills.

You will also help to keep me caffeinated, which is very important indeed.

What you get:
You don't get nothing back, if you decide to support. I've set up levels of perks for you to choose from, and I hope they appeal, but I'm also open to suggestions if there's something you'd really like that isn't there.

How this works:
I've set this up so you can contribute your chosen amount once a month, to help me keep making more and better things.
Once a month your chosen amount, and no more, will be taken by Patreon and passed on to me.
You're not bound to stay with me once you sign up, you can cancel your patronage any time you choose, so there's no risk.

I promise a minimum of two pieces of content a month to you, which could be stories, vbogs, something entirely random, or stuff specially for you folk.

Sound good? Excellent, click the Become a Patron btton above, pick a tier, and sign up.

Questions? No problem, drop me a line on twitter, facebook, or on [email protected]/* */ and we can have a chat.

Thanks for reading!
18% complete
I'll gather the short stories on my blog into a single published collection, and each of you will get free copy.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 11 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 11 exclusive posts

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