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No waterdrop goes unnoticed.  Wow, this matters, thank you for your support! You will gain acces to all of my posts on patreon - past ánd future -, receive my bi-monthly newsletter and get a personal shout out.

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When one multiplies with some, a steady flow appears. I can't believe this. Thank you so much for your supporting me in this way. I invite you to join me on my personal Waterfall Wall of voices. Where I will slowly drip my way to you with new poems, songs and guided meditation and regular updates on new workshops and events. Once per month you will also receive a quest from me to get your inner voice going. A small rainy (but sunny!) day to cleanse your pallet, nourish your ground and create shimmer all around. Plus a montly update on the goings of the patron platform and + all Tiers from the Droplet.

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Move with me. Let us make way together. I am truly exited for you to move along. Thank you! Together we will stream. Allowing our paths and waterways to cross and intersect. Moving through our insecurities and widening our creative capacity. You will be invited to become part of the Waterfall of Voices; a safe maker space where you will be allowed to touch upon your inner creative flow. Ones per seizoen I will hold space for your voice, together with a group of like-minded individuals. Via a closed facebook group we will spend 3 - 7 days per season, creating, making and streaming our associative sparks. In your own time, fitting to your own schedule and needs I invite you to move along. No matter amateur, poet, human or cat. + all Driplet and Drip benefits;


They call me a subwoofer soul. Base of bliss and forecaster of funky feelings. A golden black owl. I call my self Leela.

With you as my witness, I wish to reclaim my place on stage as a performer and share with you my improvisational and collective working method for using the voice as a bridge to connect your mind, body and imagination.

I salute you, most beautiful courageous soul. You creator. Vulnerable, powerful, human and real. Together we form a symphony. One that singing life back to life. Raw.

Join me. Let’s voice, respond, sing, sound, write and create.
You, my tribe. Making waterfalls together.


Hi, I’m Leela.

For the pas six years I have been studying what I so intuitively knew;
how the voice functions as a bridge between the mind, body and imagination.

I’ve used the method of improvisation as a life-oriented way of being. Traveling with my voice and body into nature, foreign landscapes and different cities. Becoming a sort of singing shaman, connecting place, inner and outer worlds. An independent maker of new instruments, songs and orchestrated moments of spontaneity and connectedness.

This journey has brought me to amazing places. My background in mime, performance and dance has let me to the Mime School in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, where I now teach Voice improvisation and I am working hard to build a intimate tribe of rainbows for whom I organise intuitive and sensory oriented workshops, guided journeys and private coaching.

But the wind is calling. My body needs to move.


On the road to more authenticity and independence.

As of February 2020 I will ask you to join me on another adventure of my own. Where I will reclaim my space as a performer and artist on stage AND allow for new ways to share my embodied improvisation practice with the world.

Its’ been hard to find the best way to share all that I do in one place. Given the wide variety of my nature. I write, make poems, write lyrics, create plays, mediations, I coach, retreat, drum, make interactions, send letters and creating an album, are working towards a theatre tour. Regular website are informative, but don’t allow for a lot of interaction, a fb/insta posts is easily lost in the daily stream of thought, whilst crowdfunding platforms tend to focus on one hit items.

Patreon seems the perfect place to unite all of the above. It is a way for me to find the freedom to create what I want, when I want it, without the struggle for commercial viability or cultural subsidies. AND It is a way to be in direct and intimate contact with you. To be able to respond directly to everything around me.

Thus ~ it will give me the free space to really work as an independent creator WITH you as my guiding fellow travellers. To create a community that is focussed on longevity and interconnectedness - AND - and this is rally important to me - it allow everyone to contribute on their own terms and with their own financial means.

Imagine what will happen when we wake up and realise the power that we have inside us. Our intuition. Our ability to create. Our ability to dream. That is what I hope to reach with you. To work with you to find our authentic voices. To trust the unknown. To fall. To try. To grow.

Via Patreon I will make, share, react and create. And I invite you to do the same. I will inspire you, invite you in, and provoke you to find your own authentic creator. Please take a look at the tiers, to see how we can grow and collaborate together.

Go here to see what I did before:


Looking towards the future.

I’m currently recording and making songs for my upcoming EP, to be released in 2020 (with coaching by Channah .... and am working closely together with the Christiaan .... on the writing of a small book to accompany the EP. Other than that I am planning an EP release and tour, working on some night radio, shamanic singing, guided meditations and journeys, and some individual coaching of very talented individual (of course you will be the first to learn on the outcomes!)

On top of that I will also spend this year learning to become a shaman, studying with ... 

Check the workshop calendar here:


What you can expect from me in my challenges, workshops and invitations.

Since I have trained as a dance body an a physical performing body (Mime) - I view my body as the instrument, and my voice as a prolongation of this body. You could call my shared practice a way of embodied voicing and improvisation. Where I invite you to use the whole body AND voice in a deep connection with each other. Were we will try to collectively reach an intuitive flow.

On of the ways we will do this is via monthly quests and seasonal collaborations. Check out the Tiers page to see how we can join forces as a tribe.

Link with testimonials.


Good to know:

  • I’ve choose -for now- to come up with a wide variety of tiers, to learn what fits us both. Please give me feedback so that we can refine and improve together.
  • At this moment, Patreon does not allow payments via Ideal. If you are not in the possession of a creditcard but do want to contribute, let me know, then we will figure out another way.
  • Not all tiers are monthly subscriptions, I also include some ‘thing’ tiers.

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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post
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