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Knowing there are people who care enough to support me in my career and passion in my Art is more than just awesome - it is awe inspiring. 

Starting in this passion I had no one who understood my dream of creating and sharing my photography. Only one (my husband) didn’t try to tell me it was impossible or how I needed “a real living”.

                        ***Donation Only*** 

This level of support, even if it is just $1, quiets the trepidation brought on by the ones who would rather hold others back. This small gesture from my supporters fills me with a powerful conviction. The kind of motivation that moves mountains. That keeps me pushing myself further and farther. And has me forever chasing my dreams.

I am beyond grateful to any and every one of you who support the arts and my work.

Thank you! I Appreciate You Tremendously! 

Lover + Learner of The Arts
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If you are a lover of the arts and appreciate learning what goes into making a fine art photograph This Is For You!

  • Get Access to Exclusive Post and In Depth Stories for my Patreon Supporters Eyes Only!!! 

Here I give personal stories behind my public artworks and behind the scenes accounts of how they came to be. 

  • Opportunity to Choose What You Learn!! 

Monthly polls will be held for Video Tutorials. You will have the power to vote on your favorite image to see how it was made! Gain exclusive access to watch the tutorial where I explain in full detail how I edit your private groups selected image from start to finish! 

  • Receive Great Monthly Discounts

These discounts will be up to 20% OFF Selected Public Pieces!! These discounts will be good for the Entire Month until the next Great Discount shows up right to your Inbox!

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Want Access To Exclusive Artworks Only Certain Patreon Subscribers have the opportunity to get their hands on?!?!

Get Ready To Join The Club!

Here you will get all of the previous tiers perks along with the added privilege of gaining rights to Exclusive Limited Edition Artworks For Patreon Club Members and up. 

These Collectible Artworks will be sold in Small Edition Sizes of 3!! Making them not only a great investment but a truly unique piece of artwork. ( Not to mention being a killer conversation piece with major bragging rights! )

*Your monthly discounts for public pieces will now be bumped up to 30% !!




If you are a deep thinker, an observer, someone who is passionately fascinated with the beauty of the world. Then Hello, I would love to see more of you.
For you are as I am.

I am a passionate dreamer. A lover of Beauty and Raw Emotion. I was once locked away from the world. First, because of a troubled family life. Then, through my early adulthood, from hidden anxieties I unknowingly let this keep me closed up and hidden away. Eventually, I forced myself to get out of my own head. And so I left all I knew. I started a life filled with choices that finally, one fateful day, led me to my great obsession. My fuel for life. Photography. And Photography continually carries me forward daily.

I easily see the intricate beauty that this world offers. Using my photography I am able to share the fine details I incessantly take in. Sharing my collection of wonder and beauty is a joy that forces me out of myself. To expand my mind and stimulate a deeper understanding of my surroundings and the communities I seek out.

After a while I felt something was missing when I posted my images. They seemed..incomplete. And since I was always a lover of words (it being what got me through my childhood + young adulthood) I decided to use them to infuse my perspective into my photography. When I started writing and bringing my images to life I found it utterly exhilarating. Yet it left me extremely vulnerable. 

Now I use this vulnerability to grow further. Once I would have hidden away from such feelings. But now.... I refuse to hide. I sit in my unease until I feel my weakness suffocate inside of it, and can urge myself through to the side I want to be on. 

Wether you have a deep appreciation for art + writing, or would like to gain one. You can find a great space here with me. Join me as I share my collections of Limited Edition Fine Art and the stories that come from them. By supporting me here you are not only helping me to grow.. but also cultivating a group of people who can help each other grow. 

~ What You Will Find From My Work  ~


- From grand mountainous landscapes, sunsets over ocean waters, and iconic city skylines and landmarks. Travel + Hiking + Exploring are large parts of my life and I make sure to collect the best parts of all my favorite locations. ⛰🏝

 Abstract photography is a personal favorite of mine. I often create this form of fine art with a swipe of my camera over an interesting subject or with a unique close up; but always in camera. My abstracts encompass the feeling with the beauty of my subjects. These are always interesting to behold and to discuss. I create + cherish them for the hidden truths and balancing of emotions they bring about. ☯︎  


 Or also referred to as small scenes. Fascinating patterns and textures can be found in the world all around us... if only we notice. Botany is a favorite subject of mine for close up and detailed art; but interesting subjects and compositions find me all the time. 🌱🌻 
To encounter those rare souls that are full of Raw Emotion is always such a transformative experience for me. Whenever possible I share these unique + vibrant humans with you. The ones I know who will appreciate them as I do. 

Thank You 
Sincerely, I Thank You

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Once I have a large enough community of art lovers and supporters I will jump out of my comfort zone and do something I have been slowly working myself up to. Host a Photography Workshop for Fine Art Landscapes!! Help me reach this goal by sharing my patreon and your support with all your fellow aspiring photographers, nature lovers, and art collecting friends!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 2 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 2 exclusive posts
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