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About Leena van Deventer

I want to contribute to feminist writing that's not exploitative of the author's suffering under patriarchy. I aim to explore the long term plan for such writing that de-centres the author. 

I don't want to be paid to open a vein for your publication in order to get published. I want to write about more than just my pain and my anger, and shopping those articles around is a really hard slog right now. Those stories are important, but they're by no means all we've got.

I take very seriously my responsibility to write to serve the movement. The feminist movement requires we never make it All About Us, but as writers, in order to make a living doing this work there is an element of audience-building and follower-courting that some publishers and publications insist upon in order to make it worth all the trouble. Making it All About Me is in direct tension with my feminist praxis. I don't want individualism prioritised over the movement, but I still want to research, write, and share with the world what I find, with a giving spirit. I don't know where else to hash out this constant tension between my craft and my feminism. 

What does feminist non-fiction look like when it de-centres the author? What will we do as feminist writers once the wells of our veins have been tapped dry? I'd like to use this platform to explore those questions. 

If you have anything in particular you'd like me to write about, do get in touch.  

- Leena

"Writing is really a way of thinking – not just feeling but thinking about things that are disparate, unresolved, mysterious, problematic or just sweet.” – Toni Morrison
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If I reach 500 patrons, I'll start interviewing feminist writers about their creative practice. 
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