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Knight in Shining Armor
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You have pledged 1 dollar to our channel! To show our appreciation, not only will you be eligible to submit an up to 30 second channel/content commercial to our business email to be shown in a later video to support rising YouTubers, you will also have your name showcased at the end of videos as a "thank you" for your epic contribution! All of this plus getting access to Patron-exclusive updates will make this pledge into a friendship.


-Cursing is allowed, so long as there are no racial slurs or anything too vulgar. F-bombs are fair game though if used conservatively. 

-Give us at least a couple of weeks to integrate your commercial with an upload. Editing and writing keeps us busy, after all.

-If you have any questions, feel free to ask via our email or in the comments. Our social media is still in the process of being made. 

Life Saver
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You have pledged 5 dollars to our channel! You have earned all rewards from previous tiers as well as: The option for us to advertise your channel on our Leftover Pizza social media (Minimum 2 sites) OR Leftover Podcast so that our followers will have front row seats to your content. 
An Awesome Individual
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You have pledged 10 dollars to our channel! You have earned all rewards from previous tiers as well as: Have a chance to get reviewed in our Patreon Channel Browser segment.

About the segment: It is a segment that we will launch once the page receives enough donations in which we will review the YouTube channels of patrons from the "An Awesome Individual" tier and up. All you must do is be a patron of this tier or above and have a YouTube channel with at least one video. This is so that we can support channels that are still in development. 




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We are Leftover Pizza, a YouTube channel that provides a mixed bag of content! If you're here, that means you either have or are considering donating to our channel, which we are very grateful for. Donating will not only support our channel and ensure that we can afford to make YouTube entertainment a functioning business, but you can reap in plenty of rewards yourselves!

NOTE: Donations are not mandatory. Our content will always be free for the public to view. But, if you're feeling generous, we have Patreon!

Business Email: [email protected]
$0 of $500 per month
When we reach $500 per month, we will start making videos where we all get together (Minimum of 3 crew members per video) and answer Patron questions.
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