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About Colin

Welcome! My name is Colin and I love painting miniatures! Thank you for visiting my Patreon. I love putting a fully painted, unique, and well-executed army on the gaming table.  I think it's one of the most rewarding feelings in the hobby. From the initial decision to start an army, to purchasing that first box, settling on a color scheme, and sitting down to paint it for the first time, we all have a vision for what that army is going to look like on the table. I want to help you realize that vision and get the army of your dreams onto the game table! 

Space Wolves Redemptor Dreadnought
- Full Tutorial Available - 

How is this different from other Patreon pages?

There are a number of very talented painters on Patreon, many of whom focus on developing your skills to paint the best miniature you can and to push your skills on each project.  My focus will be wider, towards painting various armies and collections you may be working on.  I will explore common techniques and skills, but will do so in a way that is applicable to army painting.  I want you to improve your skills, to gain knowledge, and to execute new techniques with confidence. But I also want to develop your painting efficiency and processes so you can see the fruits of your labor as you complete your vision for your army!

Blood Angels Impulsor Tank - Ossian Suppresson Pattern Desert Camo
-Full Tutorial Available-

What can you expect from me as a Creator?

As a Creator, I will be publishing a minimum of 8 video segment a month which will cover a lot of ground! A minimum of 4 painting tutorials, 2 Painting Feedback videos where I give feedback on miniatures supporters have submitted, as well as 2 finished model showcases a month, where I review finished projects and go over the painting process, linking to relevant tutorials. These videos will add to a library of over 250 video tutorials that I already have on the Patreon! I will also be publishing bonus content irregularly. This will range from written articles to my experience preparing and playing in events. The discord is lively, and I hope to see you there! 

Legio Defensor Reaver TItan for Adeptus TItanicus
-Full Tutorial For Titan and Terrain Available-

In my videos, I talk through everything I am doing, because I believe the HOW, and the WHY is just as important as the WHAT; maybe even more so. You'll see me make mistakes in my tutorials, and then work through them to get to the desired result. Mistakes are inevitable. Mistakes happen all. the. time.  I believe learning how to work through those mistakes is extraordinarily valuable information. Information I want share with you.

Blood Angels Space Marines
-Full Tutorials Available, including the Photo Display Board!-

Aeldari Farseer - Craftworld She'enshar
- Full Tutorial Available - 

What are the benefits of being a Patron?

My pledge levels are set up to offer a great value to each Patron who supports this project.

Level 1: Fuel for the Fire
- Help support the Patreon, but without content benefits

Level 2: Supporter - $6/month
- Access to step by step tutorials
- Discord Server

Level 3: Community Member - $10/month
- Access to step by step tutorials
- Able to submit models for Feedback Friday segments!
- Membership in a private Facebook group to get feedback and support from myself and other Community Members. This will be a Patron-only Facebook group for sharing projects, tips, tricks, WIP photos, brainstorming, etc.
- Bi-Weekly Facebook Live chat in Patreon Facebook group
- Discord Server

Imperial Fists Intercessor
- Full Tutorial Available - 

Level 4: Guaranteed Feedback - $20/month
- Access to all 'Community Member' benefits
- Guaranteed to be included in the Feedback Friday Video Segment
- One submission for direct feedback over Email, including visual aids/description of solutions

Level 5: Personal Tutoring - $55/month
- All the benefits of Community Members
- 60 minutes of 1-on-1 tutoring a month. This can be on any topic of your choice! Tutoring can be conducted over Skype/Hangouts/etc or can be ongoing feedback over messenger/discord/etc. We can determine what works best for you! I am in Idaho in the USA, but can work with any time zone! The tutoring consists of 15 minutes of my prep time and 45 minutes of instruction with you. 

Level 6: On-Demand Video tutorial - $110/month
- All the benefits of Community Members
- One tutorial of approximately 20 minutes in length that will be recorded and shared with you. You will need to be very specific as to what you need from the tutorial! Price includes prep and material times. Please contact me promptly to ensure I am able to fill your request!

 To see more of my work, you can find me on Instagram at @LegalizedMischief or on Facebook: Legalized Mischief Productions. I've included some pictures of my recent work below, all of which use the techniques I teach on the Patreon. Enjoy.

Raven Guard Marine - Bandai Marine Repaint
- Tutorials for Black and White Armor Available -

Adeptus Mechanicus Skorpius Tanks - Skitarii Ludi
- Extensive Airbrushing and Oil Washing Tutorials Available -

Thank you!

Thank you for your time and your interest in this project.  I do hope you'll join me on this painting journey through this wonderful hobby of ours! I look forward to walking this path with you and seeing what the future holds for miniature painting! 

Necron Seraptek Heavy Construct - Custom Dynasty
- Full Tutorial Available - 

Blood Angels Redemptor Dreadnought - Weathering Detail
- Weathering Tutorials Available - 

Blood Angels Saturnine Pattern Leviathan Dreadnought (conversion)
- Marble, Red Armor, Weathering, and Basing Tutorials Available -

59% complete
When I reach this tier I will purchase an Ipad to use during Feedback Friday segments. I'll be able to draw on the picture in real time and telestrate feedback more enthusiastically than John Madden on Thanksgiving!
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