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Note: This page will only have major updates, which are posted infrequently. Even without these updates, the project is still very much alive! Follow Legends of Astravia on Twitter for smaller, more frequent updates. 


Legends of Astravia is an RPG that I've always dreamed about creating. It has been a slow process because I can only do this as a hobby, but I have been happy to see so much support throughout this game's progress, which started in 2017 during the IGMC contest. 

The current demo is about 2 hours long and includes the starting town and first dungeon. It is completely free and you can download it here. I hope you enjoy it!

Every so often, I will be releasing a small update to the game. The current demo will remain free, but as incentive to contributors, the next major release--which will include huge changes and push the game to 50% completion--will be "early access". Any updates and demos for this future early access version will only be made available to Patreon subscribers. 

This Patreon is not monthly; every tier is per demo release. This is why the tiers prices are higher than normal. Because I work a full time job and can only develop this game part-time on my own, I don't release new version updates more often than a few times a year. 

When the game is complete, it will retail for $10-20 USD (depending whether or not I reach that goal of 30+ hours of gameplay!). 

You can see the game's main landing page is here: Legends of Astravia on

Where Do Patreon Donations Go?

Every donation to the game in its current state will go into a special account separate from my personal bank account for only use towards the game's development. 

While I do work full-time, I don't make much additional money that I can dump into this project. This is where you, the lovely and amazing patron, can help. Currently, the game uses a lot of stock assets from RPG maker (sprites, tiles, etc.). It is my dream to have custom made graphics for all parts of the game to help break it out of that dull shell that makes it look like every other RPG maker game. 

2D graphics and pixel art are expensive. I can expect to spend at least $1000 on just the custom animated battlers for the battle system. Even more on the tiles and sprites. It is my hope that with enough funding, I can make the game really stand out and shine on its own with these custom assets. 

Additionally, promotional costs such as advertising, showing the game at conventions, and paying for a game trailer will need to be funded as well. I am currently paying for the game's custom music, but a little extra will allow me to pay my composer in advance for the rest of the game's soundtrack. 

Whatever I cannot cover with my own funds, the Patreon donations will help. Here is a small chart breaking down my intended use of the donations (not including taxes / patreon's fees):

None of this money is going into my pocket. I am a firm believer in taking nothing for myself until the game is 100% done and released. I am making a game because I love game development, not to turn a profit.

Game Summary

A story-driven RPG inspired by classic SNES games like Final Fantasy, Chrono Trigger, and the Legend of Zelda. My goal was to create a game that captured all of the qualities that made these games great (the story, the characters, the battle and skill systems) while keeping out the bad (random encounters, combat grind, overly-complicated elements). 

Legends of Astravia will have a fulfilling main quest for those that crave a good story, but also various side quests and optional content for those who want a game packed full of extra content.

Because I loath RPGs that force you into combat, almost every enemy in the game will be avoidable, giving the player the option to acquire equipment, skills and experience through other means such as quests and loot instead of simply by repetitive combat grind. 

Every item will have a meaning and a use, and the ability to break down items for crafting will ensure that you can get use out of even that rusty old sword that you don't need anymore.

Screenshots (v2.3 Demo)


  • Fast paced "Action Timed Battle" system that relies on strong decision making
  • No random encounters for monsters to allow for flexible play styles
  • Multiple party members, each with individual combat styles
  • Custom skill system based on FF7's materia
  • Crafting/Extraction/Enchantment system for weapons, equipment, and items.
  • Various caves, dungeons, and towns to explore 
  • Dynamic lighting, weather, and day/night cycle
  • Various side-quests for bonus lore, quirky NPC stories, and rare unlockables

Planned Updates / Release Schedule

July 2019 Update: The game is currently in a minor hiatus because I am moving! In the meantime, I am working on more writing / world building that will help me finalize the final ideas I have for late-game.

Current version: v2.3. Includes the starting town and dungeon.
Next version: v3.0. Huge update! See below.

Information about the v3.0 update
The next planned version is significantly different from the last, as it is going to be a huge overhaul. Here are the planned changes:

  • Resolution increase to 720p (Completed)
  • Overhaul of all UI items for 720p (75% done)
  • Redrawn, high-quality character portraits (50% done)
  • Rewrite of the battle system to support custom battlers, fix bugs 
  • Valica City unlocked
  • Second village
  • Second dungeon unlocked
Because these changes are so extensive, it is going to take me some time to implement them. I planned for this release to be done by the end of summer but moving has pushed it back a bit.

The plan is to have a demo available for early access contributors probably by the fall, and a release hopefully before the end of the year. 

You can follow the games progress on a variety of social media platforms. Note that this Patreon and will be reserved for only major progress updates. 

Smaller, bite-sized devlog updates are available on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram (links in the sidebar). 

And of course, join the official Discord to talk to me and other supporters of the project. Note the unique roles available for patrons. This is where all beta versions will be provided, so if you are in the Knight role or above and want to have access to the beta, please be sure to join the discord!

Every little bit counts, thank you so much for your support! 
$1 of $1,000 per beta version release
Patron says per demo release but I intend this goal to be only a 1-time achievement.

Custom Pixelated Battlers
This is the approximate cost for custom pixel battlers for all of the main cast in the game. When I reach this amount, I can pay to commission someone to do this work.
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