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About Legs Emporium

Hello, my name is Brett, and my partner is Max and we're Legaphiles (Psychological term for people who love legs, in our case Beautiful Female Legs) and we're the guys behind this brainchild known as Legs Emporium.

For those already familiar with what we do, then this side project might be slightly confusing. For those who have just stumble upon us, "Welcome" and read on as I explain what we're doing in this neck of the interweb's woods. Try saying that 5 times fast.

For nearly 4 years now we've been filming Sexy Legs of Beautiful Women and subsequently we've collected a lot of "Behind the scenes" footage and other interesting tidbits that we couldn't figure out how to share until we found Patreon.

So, how does Legs Emporium & Patreon come together and work exactly? It's like a subscription service. You get charged monthly for a membership to certain goodies based on your chosen rewards tier.  These tiers are known as pledges.

What is a rewards tier?  A pledge level that secures you certain goodies monthly.

For instance, if you look to the right column you'll see the tiers. Each tier comes with it's specific goodies. As you go higher, you gain more and more treats. The higher tiers get everything in that tier as well as everything from the lower tiers.

If you're like me, outside of the fact that you might be a Legaphile, I'm a bit of a process freak. I find when I'm working on the footage after a shoot, I always go to the BTS (Behind the scenes) footage first. I love seeing how things are made. I love seeing those little moments that surprise a model, or seeing them as they think through the poses or funny situations that arise while filming. Quite often there will be those moments that the main cameras didn't catch or get edited out of the official clips. Over time, the more I thought about it, the more I thought that other people might want to see this kind of stuff. So, that's where Patreon comes in. It's a mechanism that allows us to share this exclusive content with you and only you.

And to sweeten the pot, we've thrown in goodies like;
* Special Discount Codes to the site (LegsEmporium.com).
* Official Photo Sets and Official Clips that previously were only available via the site.
* Replays of all our Live Feeds from our shoots.

We've also created "Goals" that will allow us to film Exclusive footage for Patreon that wont be available anywhere else.  These goals are BIG.  When we hit them we let all the Patrons (persons who pledge) choose who and what we film that month for the Exclusive Shoot.  It's a huge bonus because our Patrons will get to see models we haven't featured yet on our main page in scenarios they dream up.  Essentially, you're getting to produce your own shoot without all the headaches of scheduling, editing, and putting the shoot together.  You're with us every step of the way.  Legaphiles side by side enjoying what we love.....Women's Legs!! :-)

So, that's it in a long-winded nutshell. If it's something you're interested in, but still aren't quite sure, you can watch this little video Patreon put together that explains their platform. Furthermore, PLEASE don't feel obligated to sign up. Your support through our site is more than enough. However, if you're thinking "I might want to dip my toe in the pool" then I strongly suggest the lowest tier, "Gorgeous Gams, First to Know". it's only 2 bucks and it will get you tons of BTS images, all the Live Feeds, as well as some fun Gifs I create from time to time. :-)

Hey, enough of me writing. Think it over. We're not going anywhere.

PS -- If you're still with me, then I want to make this very clear.  Your support will 100% go to our models so we can film more content!

THANK YOU for your time and consideration!! YOU RULE!!
93% complete
2 Models, 2 hour Patreon Exclusive Shoot!

Each month we hit this goal we'll set up an 2 hour shoot with two of our models together Exclusively for YOU our Patreon Legaphiles. It will be available nowhere else!

We'll take suggestions, but realistically we'll have to see which models are available and up for shooting with another model. So, sadly, a poll won’t always be available for this.

However, we'll solicit for your suggestions for theme and posing preferences and film those just like our normal single model shoots. :-)

**When we hit this goal, it will take the place of the single model shoot for that month.

***If we hit this goal continually, we'll start doing a poll to determine if you would rather have a 2 Model 2 hour shoot, or a single model 3 hour shoot. But that's for when we start hitting this goal regularly. Until then, a 2 Model shoot will be extremely fun.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 923 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 923 exclusive posts

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