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Thank you for lending me your ear! 
I create videos on mathematics and develop Lemma, an online learning platform. 

My content occupies a unique place in the rapidly growing universe of original mathematical content: it is intentionally unflashy so that none of the attention is drawn away from the depth and the detail. My YouTube colleagues, such as  3Blue1Brown Looking Glass UniverseNumberphile and many others, play an essential role in mathematics education in that they create amazing videos which intend to inspire viewers and generate excitement to take an even deeper dive into mathematics. That’s where I hope to come in! For those who are as taken by the beauty of mathematics as I am, my content will provide them with the finer details needed to achieve a greater understanding. 

Like with any other art, there are no shortcuts to mastering mathematics. My goal is to make the necessary work deeply rewarding. My content emphasizes the fundamental ideas in mathematics and I devote a great deal of attention to the psychological and philosophical underpinnings of each subject. Supporting me in these efforts will help ensure that the collective wealth of our mathematical knowledge is faithfully delivered to future generations of learners.

Q: What do the donations pay for? 
A:  The donations will support the development of the Lemma Platform. In particular, the Teacher's Suite- a special platform we are building for high school math teachers. One of my more immediate goals is to be able to hire an editor and an additional software developer to accelerate our efforts. 

Q: Why are you asking for monthly donations? 
A: In order to be able to hire a developer, we at Lemma need to be reasonably assured of our funding. That is why we prefer smaller monthly donations to larger one-time donations. We are also hoping to build a lasting community of passionate supporters of our cause!  Also, since I make a lot of smaller videos rather than really long ones, donating once a month is cheaper for you than per-video! Check out the Rewards section to the right to see what you get for supporting me!

Q: Why are your donation amounts so strange? 
They aren't. We just wanted to be fair and square. 

Thank you for your support! 
Pavel and the Team
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