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I once watched Groundhog Day every day for a year and blogged about it. I’m doing ‘Movies by Minutes’ (#MxM)-format podcasts lately.

Michael Myers Minute, looking at the original Halloween one minute at a time, completed.
Dave Made a Minute, looking at the film Dave Made a Maze with a bunch of other podcasters diving in blind, completed.
The Room Minute, looking at the modern classic The Room one minute at a time.
Annihilation Minute, looking in depth at Alex Garland's Annihilation one minute at a time.
Cock & Bull Movie Talk, breaking down, along wiht guests, my favorite films.
Two Minutes About Time, looking (along with Luke Allen) at About Time two minutes at a  time.
Pump Up the Minute, looking (along with Sarah Black) at Pump Up the Volume four minutes at a  time.
Five Minute Arrival, looking (along with Sarah Black) at Arrival five minutes at a time.

Plus Life as a Playlist, Sarah's show with personal stories and social and political commentary, coupled with top-40 music.

and still to come:

Greetings from Wonderfalls, looking (along with Alice Lauren) at Wonderfalls one episode at a time.
Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Minute
Minutiae Ex Machina
Groundhog Day Minute by Minute

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