is creating web apps for Classic WoW (TBC and WoTLK when they launch!)

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If not for you, there wouldn't even be any loot. You're the unsung hero.
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You don't just show up; you bring consumes. You world buff. You're good to go and the meters show it.
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Main Tank

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Back in the day you wore a shield. Today, you dual-wield. Some of the DPS might complain you're hoarding their loot, but it's your TPS that makes their parses possible. Right?
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  • Main Tank Discord Role
  • All lower tier benefits
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About Lemmings19

Hi! I'm a guy who just wants to create tools that help people who share my passion for gaming and Classic WoW.

I started out a few years ago (oh god has it been years already?) with a project to help gamers connect and make games together. That project morphed into more than I bargained for as I had people pulling me down the traditional business/startup route, and I realized that really wasn't what I wanted. I want to stay with my boots on the ground, among the people and community I love. Staying small and honest is fine by me.

So that's why I'm throwing my hat in for the crowd funding route this time around. I'm new to this, but if it works out I'll be able to keep making tools for the community. I wouldn't want it any other way!

Thank you for reading, and thank you for your support. <3
53% complete
At $500 per month, I will be able to cover about a third of my minimum monthly expenses which will help give me more time to work on this.
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