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 You offer a coin. You're at least making an effort to avoid having your village burned to the ground. It's kind of like when grandma sends you a $5 check for your birthday. You at least appreciate the thought. (Mort will probably still eat you and your family.)

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I'm Lemondeer, you can call me Lem! I am the author of Down the Hatch, a webcomic featuring an unlucky (but delicious) human living with a fuzzy monster with a voracious appetite.
I would love to make art and comic making my focus in life, but unfortunately I like to eat food too. Supporting me here allows me to enjoy both!

About the comic
I have long been a fan of vore, but I found myself often left wanting when browsing. I started drawing, with the desire to fill in what I felt was lacking in the art I often saw: I wanted well fleshed out characters, longer stories, and a touch more realism.
This was clearly an opportunity for a comic, and I already had a story that had been in the works for years that would be perfect. So, I adapted the characters to better suit my needs, and Mort and Noah were born.
The comic will examine the predator prey relationship, and other dark themes such as life and death, revenge, human kind's place in nature (and a magical society mostly composed of non-human creatures). 

$1,500 - reached! per month
Three sketch pages per week.
This is my dream!
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