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About Lemuel Moo

My Bodyguard Can't Fight Girls!

Clere Sigrun was a regular schoolgirl who was born into an extraordinary family of secrets. Her family safeguarded secrets and gathered intelligence throughout the world for authorities and organizations. One day, her mother informed that Clere was going to have a personal bodyguard because a criminal syndicate was out to kidnap her.

That bodyguard turned out to be Gale Gainsborough, a new mysterious transfer student in her school and he had a strange weakness where he becomes physically weak whenever he had to fight girls!

What would happen if the enemies were girls?

Public released chapters are posted at: https://lemuelmoo.com


I'm an aspiring author who hopes to have an adaption of my stories on anime. I have watched many Japanese and Chinese anime, and I was very unsatisfied with how some of the male leads were portrayed. It didn't really make any sense to me where a guy is perpetually dense and a flock of girls was just surrounding him.

I'm not throwing rocks at any story nor anime, but I began thinking, "What if I create my own story?"

Thus I started writing on Royal Road and my first serialized novel is as titled, "My Bodyguard Can't Fight Girls!"

It has wuxia, sci-fi, fantasy, harem and adventure elements, and actually I completed 20 chapters at the time of this writing! I'm hoping to publish a novel with illustrations (akin to light novels as many of us know), and hopefully create my own universe with it.

I'm definitely not done with edits for most of the chapters yet, and there are so many things I want to do, such as:

  • Creating a website for the novel
    • Creating a wikipedia for the story
  • Finding an illustrator who will determine style of art
  • Publishing it on Kindle or as a paperback

As I am doing this part-time, I can't take too much effort on doing all the above and that is why I come to Patreon, to see if this can become full-time work.

Patreon will act as a subscription model for my content where I will release content early for subscribers and even release exclusive stories that will add flavor to the story.

What Do I Mean By Exclusive Content?

There are fight scenes and background stories which I am hesitant to publish because it may bloat the number of words. I still wrote them in order to give a complete picture of what I am writing for myself, but it may not be released or published ever.

Also, I have been commissioning artwork to give an extra dimension to the story. I intend to release them separately for different tiers so look out at the rewards panel on the right side!
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  • Build a website for the novel
  • Add character pages, location backdrops and much more content!
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