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About Lornyon

Hello everyone!
I'm Lornyon (but my real name is João - nice to meet you)! Today I'm working with game development and digital art. I am majored at History of Art and a lover of video games. My focus is to bring this symbolic value of art to the gaming world, and show how this media is able to transform people and their lives, even with simpler games and retro graphics.

I am currently developing the game Lenin - The Lion, a Narrative RPG Game where you control a albino lion, the only one of the species, in a world full of conflicts and struggles.

It has been an adventure full of ups and downs to produce such a game, and I have received feedback and encouragement, which has motivated me a lot.
Now, with Patreon, I hope to be able to get the financial help that - unfortunately - is needed on just about anything.

If you have any question about the rewards (even if you're already a patron), send a message to me on [email protected]

OFFICIAL WEBSITE (PRE-ORDER AVAILABLE): https://leninthelion.com

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