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For just $1 or more
You gain:

  • Access to my art a day before it goes up on public,
  • You also get to participate in polls if/when I decide to do some.

    (And my thanks, of course! )
Includes Discord benefits

Sketch Tier

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For $10 or more
You get:

  • Everything from the above tier,

  • A sketch every month of any character of your choice,

  • And an additional 5% off any piece you wish to commission me for!
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Lewd Tier (NSFW)

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[All NSFW content is exclusive to this tier]

For 15$ or more
Besides getting everything from the above tiers, you get acess to all my nsfw content

which by that I mean, you also get to see any doodles/sketches I do of Medley and/or others doing fancy pants stuff.
Or maybe pantsless fancy stuff.

Plus, 3-4 weeks of early access to all nsfw drawings that I plan to share on Newgrounds!

You would not get to really request nsfw stuff, but I will take likes into accomdation when doodling or perhaps do polls from time to time

Just so you're all aware, there won't be a ton of completed nsfw pieces, so to say

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About Lenox

Hi, my name is Lenox! I'm a digital artist from Brazil
I like to draw my ocs, various cute girls and legs.

Currently, I don't have any big plans for Patreon besides getting a few dollars on the side for living costs but I appreciate everything sent.
I will sometimes post some personal drawings or sketches here, show early access to finished pieces, and give exclusive access to most of my NSFW content.
(the rest will be available publicly at a later date)

if you wish to support me but is not found of any NSFW content, you can select any of the first 2 tiers since they are SFW and explicit content is exclusive to the last one

 [All characters drawn in any sexual manner are of course above 18 years old

Please keep in mind that I'm a college student and I'd appreciate if you could be patient with me. Thank you and have a good day!
$112.30 of $300 per month
A goal that I don't really plan on reaching soon. $300 a month is around the bare minimum you need to survive here where I live, and reaching this would mean I could treat art as something sustainabe to a degree.
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