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For the price of a coffee meeting a month, and the same level of engagement from me, I‘ll offer up my daily doodling and journaling practice, post blog articles, studio videos. This is what I do over my morning tea anyway, so I consider this level the most accessible way to say you care about my work and perspective and you want to offer up something small to support it. 

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$25 Candles (Unlimited)

If you prefer more intimacy, more depth, and a the equivalent of a meal sounds more appealing, like a good lunch, we get to share a deeper experience together. We can take the time to get to know each other better, and share in absorbing life into our cells. It’s more sustaining for all of us and we can share in the experience together, taking the time to learn from one another. So here I offer up social impact strategy videos and a deeper dive into my process for personal development and indie creativity. All it costs you is the same a lunch date with me each month. 

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$50 Torches (50 people) 

Some people prefer the intimacy of a dinner, and that’s awesome. I love talking things out and digging deeper over more courses in a meal and feel like we have the time to really know each other. But I don’t go to dinner without a nice whiskey cocktail, and some delicious veggies, so I hope you like restaurants with actual chefs who know real farmers, because I’m not the cheapest dinner date. What I eat and how I spend that time is important, these decisions are made with care, so I understand wanting to feel you get your money’s worth for the time we share. 

This tier gives more access to my process, our collaborators, our studio work, and offers benefits on our other outlets like out Threadless store. I want to make sure you feel well fed If you’re going to support me like this. 




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Would you like to know how powerful you could be? You can join me. You can grow with me. You can contribute to this conversation. My Impact is how WE IMPACT.

Are you trying to develop your sense of self-worth and end self-negating inner dialogues that hold you back from your goals?
Would you like affordable & accessible mentorship in impact design?
Do you want to benefit your life, career, or community with actionable strategies for way fucking cheaper than my standard private consulting or facilitation fees are?
Do you have personal projects you want to have a positive impact?
Are you trying to make something happen in your world but feel stuck?
Would you like to make sure what you are saying is what you actually meant and stop unknowingly offending people with your language or develop better communication skills?

This PATREON was designed as a platform for group mentorship and personal impact development to keep it accessible to every income bracket. I’m offering this strategy content for CANDLES and every tier above. This is a steal. My Impact weekly webcasts will offer writings, frameworks, videos, art, all things me as I process the themes and show you how you can reframe your perspectives to benefit the world.

If you do not sign up, I can’t help you. Make a positive impact now, and become a Patron. Otherwise, I’ll Be Seeing You... around... maybe... or maybe not... because I have ambitchins to attend to.✌️

Lenspeace was founded as a collaborative, community-oriented, art & design studio focused on social impact and environmentally responsible design. For over 10 years, Lenspeace, has served the city of Atlanta providing multi-media creative direction, graphic arts, and letterpress, utilizing sustainable design and social impact strategy. Due to this body of work, Lennie Gray Mowris, magically disgruntled manifestor and founder of Lenspeace has become a nationally celebrated creative director, facilitator, and strategist for her work in design for social change.

This Patreon is to open up to a wider community to participate in this process and contribute to the discussion of design for social change. The founding principle behind Lennie’s work with Lenspeace is that who we are impacts everything we create, and the more integrated our own humanity the more beneficial our creative endeavors will be. Lennie firmly believes in the power of storytelling, art, design, and cultural development to create a better and more empathetic world with every project we manifest. Lots of her work has been done over a coffee or lunch meeting, dinners with drinks, or simply being in the company of other brilliant creative people within the Atlanta community around a raging fire. This Patron was structured with the same tiers of support that originally created it.

Take this journey with Lennie, and discover the community that is created everywhere she goes with her perspectives on self-actualization and self-care, social impact design, and collaborative art for social change. This Patreon exposes an intimate process of a lifetime of work combining mindfulness into everyday creative practices; including assessment skills, compassionate critique, intuitive craft, impact strategy, and a sincere love of letterpress printmaking alongside mixed-media graphic arts to convey messages with deeper meaning.

$31 of $500 per month
If we reach this goal, we can get some basic, but nice video equipment. We can produce higher quality videos for all of you Humans to enjoy.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post
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