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C'mon EVERYONE has a dollar, right? Not to say that one dollar doesn't count as an important contribution! McDonald's sells 3 cookies for a dollar. So you are giving up a chance to eat cookies to instead help support my music career. Now, that's love.

  • Your Name In Credits (Your name will be in the end credits for all my future music videos for helping fund them! :D)
  • Songwriting Live Streams (come watch me work on writing new songs and see the process first-hand!)
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5 bucks is even better! You giving up a $5 Meal Deal from Taco Bell to help me get these videos out. I don't know about you, but I love tacos, so if you love me enough to skip tacos, you a real fan. 

  • Get YOUR face on my Fan Jacket! :D (I will print out a 4x4 photo of your choice and staple it to my jacket to show the world that you LITERALLY got my back! haha)
  • Early Access Listening (see my newest music videos the day before everyone else does!)
  • All perks listed above!
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Yo, seriously... $10? That is enough to get you into pretty much ANY buffet. All you can eat! But instead you helping pay for some rapper's career? That's wild. You must really believe in me forreal. I love food too much to be this generous. You the MVP.

  • I will draw a custom picture of you or any person of your choice! :D
  •  Personal "Thank-You" letter mailed to YOU! 
  • All perks listed above!




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About Lens

What's up homies?!

If you have reached this page that means you are most likely a fan of my music and would like to take our relationship to the next level! :p Patreon is a website where fans like you can help artists like me to keep creating. Even if you can only afford to pledge $1, every bit helps! The more you pledge, the more I will show my appreciation by hooking you up with cooler and cooler perks. :D I look forward to serving up my patrons a new music video every 2 weeks! Thank you for supporting my dreams and I shall not fail you!

With infinite love,
$20 of $50 per music video
Would be awesome to hit this first goal to cover the bare minimum for production needs of getting new music videos recorded, mixed, mastered, filmed, and edited! :D
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