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Honey Jar, Blessings Pot

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Sharing the sweetness of life with no particular expectation. It's a way of saying you appreciate my gifts and the different ways I show up and you just want to be a blessing to me. 

As a member of House of Black you get to join our discord chat community "The Living Room", you can also attend our monthly online hangouts and movie nights.

Once a month you are welcome to the livestreams of the 12 zodiac readings. The playback of the live readings are only available in the House of Black Community Tier and above, but you can always pop over to our Youtube channel for the publicly available tarot readings. 

This tier does not include the 90min weekly tarot therapy livestreams or special topic groups.
Includes Discord benefits
  • General Support
  • Livestream
  • Patron-only voting power
  • Movie Nights + Group Chat

Monthly Zodiac Readings Only

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This tier is for folks who would only like to subscribe to the Monthly Zodiac Tarot readings.

You get all 12 full length zodiac messages each month and can watch the monthly zodiac readings for previous months also. You also have a space in discord "Zodiac Club" to discuss the readings with other members if you would like to. 

Even if you aren't joining the House of Black Community at this time, we still want you to be blessed and supported by the sacred messages that are given each month.

Thanks for choosing to support me!
Includes Discord benefits
  • Patron-only posts and messages
  • General Support
  • Monthly Zodiac Readings

House of Black Community

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Weekly Tarot Therapy Readings
Join us on Sundays for 90 mins of tarot therapy live streamed with community chat, and unlimited re-play. Receive guidance on navigating current personal challenges and stay aligned on your spiritual path. (Weekly tarot therapy topics include love, career & finances, life purpose etc.)

Monthly Zodiac Readings
You get all 12 monthly zodiac sign readings live recorded with early access unlimited playback. 

Hangouts, Play & Connection
Connect with other members of House of Black in our monthly hangouts, movie and games nights. Be a part of our discord chat "The Living Room" for general community connection. 

Special Interest Topics

🛋 Our discord chat is how we stay connected to each other and explore aspects of spirituality that really interest us. We currently have the following special topic groups:
  • "Keepers of The Night" where we explore dream symbols and meanings 
  • "Dystopia Diaries" a support group for folk finding life difficult
  • "Love Galore" for folk seeking love or newly in relationships.  

House of Black is a community that we have so urgently needed, but could not find. It is more than a space for hearing tarot readings; together we are experiencing a spiritual community that is deeply integrated into our everyday lives. A space that is life affirming and nourishing. A place where you can heal and connect. It is the garden and the soil that you grow in, healing and re-shaping in your truth until you see yourself flourishing in all areas.

***House of Black Community members get 20% family discount on 50min tarot appointments, 
Includes Discord benefits
  • Weekly Tarot Therapy Readings
  • Monthly Hangout/Games Night
  • Movie Nights + Group Chat
  • Special Interest Topics (Discord)
  • Patron-only posts and messages
  • Patron-only voting power



About Leona Nichole Black

House of Black is a community that for years we so urgently needed but could not find. It is more than a space for hearing tarot readings; together we are experiencing spiritual practice that is deeply integrated into our everyday lives. A space that is affirming and soul nourishing. Where you can heal and connect. It is a metaphorical garden where you can be safe and deeply rooted. Healing and transforming as you come to terms with your inner truths and flourish in life through your authenticity.

Come through for Weekly Tarot Therapy, Monthly Zodiac Readings, Special Topic Community Spaces and Spiritual Practice e.g "Love Rehab" and "Rested Revolt". Find connection in discord chat and movie nights. 

We will always share some community content without a paywall as an act of love and service to folk without the resources to fully participate. But we also give our time, our love, energy and money to creating this sacred space knowing our commitment is what protects and it gives it longevity, our participation is what defines community. This is spiritual wellness and community connection.

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