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About Leonard D. Hilley II

I'm Leonard D. Hilley II, a SFWA member, and the author of several series across various genres. My Nocturnal Trinity Series is an UF/PR. The Chronicles of Aetheaon are epic fantasies. Shawndirea is the first book in the series and qualified me for SFWA membership. The Predators of Darkness Series (sci-fi) consists of five novels with two more coming in the future. If you love cats, you'll love Morton, who is a spunky badass, genetically-altered cat with the ability to talk. He's been called 'Garfield on steroids' by one reviewer, and overall, he's one of the most beloved of my characters. A fan favorite. The exciting news is that he's in the sixth book!

I also write the Forrest Wollinsky Vampire Hunter Series, which is YA/NA. Forrest is a unique character, who made his first appearance in the first Nocturnal Trinity novel, Succubus: Shadows of the Beast. He came unexpected but made such an impact with his appearance that I knew he was destined to have his own series. Books 1-3 are currently available. Since the first book is set in 1888 when Forrest was eight years old and in 2017, he's still slaying vampires, I anticipate a lot of novels to emerge between the 3rd book and present date.

My current WIP is Dee's Mystery Solvers: Witch Cat (YA-Paranormal) and involves four teens who are out to solve the strange mysteries that occur in Ravenswood where they reside. Their first case was The Beating Heart Beneath Hollow Hill Cemetery, which is a short story available via Amazon Kindle. Witch Cat is also set in Ravenswood and the team wants to find out why Marty's cat can magically appear in places they least expect. To solve the mystery, they must enter the haunted swamps deep in the Tangled Forest, a place so dark and creepy even adults refuse to venture inside.

So, why Patreon?

First and foremost, health issues. Last summer, I was close to death and didn't even have a clue. After an extensive physical and a lot of blood work, doctors discovered I had a genetic blood-clotting disorder and a DVT in my left leg, which I had apparently had for several years. Due to this, it's impossible to hold a job where I am required to stand or sit at a desk all day. Doing either for long periods of time or even driving long distances causes my left calf to swell twice the size of the right one. This sets up the risk of getting another DVT and being put on Xarelto (Expensive meds!) for the rest of my life (Doctors' orders if another DVT forms). By writing full-time at home, I'm able to use a recliner and take periodic walks to help prevent the swelling.

Secondly, I need time to write. Last year I completed six novels. I also began teaching English at a local university, and while I immensely love teaching, my time for writing has diminished. I devote myself to my classes, lecture preparations, and since I teach composition classes, I grade a LOT of papers. Although I can still write effective fiction, I have four ongoing series that I want to invest more of my time in writing. Fresh ideas emerge all the time, but while teaching I usually only have time to work on one storyline at a time.

What's in it for YOU?

For those who back this Patreon, you will get to read my work(s) in progress (WIP) as it unfolds and before the book(s) are published. You will also receive digital copies of all works achieved via this Patreon. In addition to fictional works, I will also be posting segments of my memoir. These personal segments reflect a lot of the reasons for what molded me into becoming an author and why I write dark fiction. I'm not certain if all of the events released on Patreon will be in the final memoir to be published in the future. I might rely upon the supporters/readers to determine which of my life events are included in the final book.

Readers have questions about my stories and characters. I have the answers. Other tidbits supporters can get, based upon tiers, are Q&A with yours truly or your favorite character, polls for what you desire to read the most (next in series), possibly name a character, insight into my writing process, Cat Chat (ask the shifter cat questions), and many other things.

Rewards to top tier supports will be given. Unique badges for Dee's Mystery Solvers' Club are in the works for patrons only. A new badge will be designed and made for each mystery they solve.

But the greatest reward, if you're a fan and supporter, is getting the newest material before anyone else!

I thank you with everlasting gratitude for your support, and believe me, my leg does, too!
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After comparing costs for purchasing patches for a Dee's Mystery Solvers tier, we can make these cheaper ourselves but need an embroidery machine. We are looking at the Brother PE770 and Designio by Brother SA650 with 50-Piece High-Sheen, Polyester Embroidery Thread Set to make unique patches for this Patreon.
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