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cool people
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these people show they enjoy my stuff, like when a lad tosses you a bill when you're busking on the street.
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These guys are legends, back in the day these would be the kind of peeps who'd toss you a packet of ciggies. Just for you
The Bois/Grills
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These people are the reason humanity is still on its feet. Helping a random stranger on the internet accomplish their dreams, I'll say this much. If you pay me this much a month you're paying me more than my mother could when I was a youngling.




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I personally have to thank everyone for their support, even if one person see's the video's I spend hours working on and genuinely enjoys them it makes it all worth. Seeing so many people watching my videos brings joy to my heart and hopefully I will use patreon more in the future.
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This is really high and personally I do not think I will reach it, but If I do I will embrace the fact I have a growing audience and will upload 2-3 times a week.
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