Leona R Wisoker is creating Endlessly Evolving Fiction

Crawling Along The Floor

$1 /mo
No sarcasm: I'm delighted to have support at this tier! You'll get access to the patron-only posts, which will largely consist of public updates. Now and again I'll post a Daily Dash, which is just...

Another Step

$2 /mo
Same as the first tier, really, except that I'm even happier now. :D

Just one more...

$3 /mo
If a dollar feels too cheap but five is a strain, may I suggest three? You'll get to see me riffling through my dusty On Hold files to see what I'll be working on next. You get to comment on which ...

Five Steps Up...

$5 /mo
Five is a nice number. Five is a reassuring number. I like the number five. How about you? You don't get anything extra at this tier, except the knowledge that you've made me very happy with a sing...

Toddler Steps

$10 /mo
I'll post a glimpse of whatever I've got brewing in the Fiction Pot. You tell me what you're intrigued by, and when I finish that story draft, I'll email it to you. You'll see at least one story ev...

Stumbling Along

$15 /mo
If ten isn't any sort of strain but twenty is too much, might I suggest fifteen?

Walking Steady

$20 /mo
Everything from the previous tiers, plus:

A free digital copy of Feeding the Muse, the forthcoming writer's cookbook project from The Scribbling Lion (current launch...


Trotting Right Along

$25 /mo
Everything from previous tiers, plus: 

Give me a story seed and I'll write it. Go ahead. The seed can be a random collection of words, or a concept, or whatever.



$50 /mo
Patrons who donate at this level will get a complete digital set of everything written in the Children of the Desert series, OR, your choice of any two trade paper copies from said...

Mystery Reward

$100 /mo
Everything in lower tiers, of course, applies here. Additional rewards at this tier will be customized to the person pledging; so if I don't already know you, expect to get a brief questionnaire.  ...