Leopold Eugen Reich

is creating new paths in people's minds to help them overcome their beliefs
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About Leopold Eugen Reich

I am aware, I am awake, I am you, I am it. This is how I find myself in the present moment. I am a Universal being having a human experience; passing by, trying to make you realize things that really matter, even if they are not ‘matter’.
Born and raised in Bucharest, Romania being loved unconditionally, trained spiritually and mentally by self and others. I realized that we portray everything we call reality in our subconscious mind and then materialize our creations in the world of the physics. Our emotional intelligence governs our existence, every moment.
I'm here and now, to create content along my journey which I’ve filtered through my imagination and made me feel like it resonates with the Golden Age that we, as human beings, once lived on Earth. No matter how forgotten that age is now, the universal cycle of duality won’t ever stop but shackle us in a waltz of change.

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After I reach this goal I'm gonna create a free event where you will be invited to participate, here we will have a network of mindful people looking to create, develop and sustain life on a higher frequency and understanding. We are here to help each other and offer something valuable for the world to keep.
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