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About Leovaunt Game Design

‘To hunger for adventure is not enough; to watch them from afar will whet the appetite of none. One must experience life’s thrills and horrors to truly learn what it means to be alive!’


Greetings, patron! My name is Matt, also known as Leovaunt. I am a writer and game designer who loves the narrative; stories of greatness, heroism, and villainy. Of course, what better way to invest yourself in such tales of grandeur than gaming?

I have dedicated my time over the past few years to developing tabletop roleplaying games dedicated to existing intellectual properties, namely those of video games. The most massive project currently in development is the StarCraft Roleplaying Game, but there are also supported and active Halo and Doom roleplaying games. In addition, I have begun working on an all new setting known as the Stellar Realms, a unique space opera/ epic fantasy hybrid. All games are in a revised version of the d20 rule set of my own creation, that takes heavy inspiration from systems you might be familiar with. All of this is available for FREE on my website at www.stellarrealmsgames.com.

Why am I doing this?

If you’re like me, you’ve spent much of your time invested in digital universes beyond count, invested in every careful action or plot by the character before you. Or perhaps you have woven tales around a card table surrounded by books, friends, and record sheets, while the fictional avatar you lovingly created has their life hanging by the edge of a rattling dice ominously teetering closer and closer to the table’s edge?

Long have I increasingly wanted to combine the two into a singular dimension. Video games craft rich worlds with their artwork and storytelling prose, and often gives a craving to live directly within that dimension. You want to have unrestrained access, free from the parameters of a digital simulation. You want to talk to who you want. You want to do whatever you want. You want to interact with the story at a scale and depth you never could before; effect the universe you battled over in a digital battlefield in more personal ways. THEIR setting, but YOUR story.

That’s why I am doing this. To bring alive amazing settings built by brilliant creative minds, and pump a little extra life in them to be suited for tabletop game play.

Tactical and adventure based games for the ultimate adventure settings

My games blend dynamic tactical combat and open-form character design while still supporting an unrestricted narrative. The goal is to stay true to the settings my settings occupy, using the lore from all aspects of the game universe, including novels and comics, rather than just the video games themselves.

One of the core concerns is introducing tactical RPG combat that feels real and allows for a wide variety of possible actions while being fun and engaging. Enemies are designed to be elaborate and full of many different actions and possibilities, so that each form of monster or non-player character feels different and dynamic. This allows your enemies in combat feel different from one another, to force adaptation to different strategies against different foes. In the meantime, players have a host of different action combinations they can perform on their turns. Will you aim your weapon, evade incoming projectiles, deploy a tactical stance, demand your enemies surrender, or use the chemical injector in your armor? All these can be performed in a single turn, in addition to other actions. Despite it all, the game plays quickly.

All the game systems are designed to be played with a single type of dice, usually d20s. One single roll tells you everything you need to know about your attack, from your accuracy, to damage, to whether or not you cripple your foe. While the system is different, anyone who has played d20 tactical RPGs should be able to pick it up quickly.

The systems are designed as a sort of ‘one-size fits all’, meaning that everything in a game system is cross compatible. For example, in the Starcraft RPG, a marine, a siege tank, and a battlecruiser can be used in the same encounter, despite their massive difference in size and power level. There is no limitation of vehicle combat, personal combat, and super-massive entities combat; all can be one single fight.

One of the most interesting aspects of the game is the aforementioned free-form character design. Everything your character has comes from the expenditure of characteristic points gained upon leveling up. These characteristic points can be used to increase any of your attributes, skills, and purchase new traits in the form of Talents. In addition, there is plenty of gear customization in the form of item upgrades and higher level item tiers. Your character’s development will be consistent and constant, with always having something new to look forward to in the growth of your character.

There is many more features I could talk about and promote, but you should honestly just see it for yourself! Check it out at www.stellarrealmsgames.com or www.leovauntgames.com

Help us grow! Let us provide adventures for you!

Leovaunt Game Design has been around for several years now and has been growing with the help of the community. We are very open to community advice and feedback, as we are building the game not only for you, but WITH you. This is the link of our public discord channel:  https://discord.gg/NZfRf3E

Now I am reaching out to you on Patreon so that we can continue to provide this service for the community, and continue to craft great games for the community. No matter whether you donate or not, every creation of the Leovaunt Game Design will be free to the community, both due to our personal preference and intellectual property laws. However, without support, we might not be able to grow to keep producing roleplaying game content for the community for much longer.

We have big plans on how we want to expand Leovaunt Game Design. The following are just a few things we are looking at going forward.

-A Colony Creation Handbook for StarCraft, used for designing your own settlements in the StarCraft RPG.

-A 30 level campaign for StarCraft

-StarCraft character builder

-Commissioned art

-Additional game settings converted to our d20 system, and ongoing support for the existing game lines already started.

I want to remind you; no matter what, all content will be free. Even patron specific content will be released for free eventually. Patrons will get the ability to shape the game moving forward, vote on what content gets worked on, and gain sneak peek access to what we are doing and the ability to help perfect the game.

What is the Stellar Realms? The ultimate adventure setting!

What is the Stellar Realms? In a word, the Stellar Realms is the universe; it is the reality that all life takes part in. It is the stars, the worlds, and the darkness of space. But it is no mere location, for the Realms itself is a living, thinking thing, a person as much as place; a god to whom all other gods owe their allegiance and existence.

Ever expanding and already consistent of countless galaxies, the Stellar Realms is not without turmoil. Things that cannot and should not exist, the Demons, threaten the balance the Stellar Realms has spent eons trying to create. All-powerful, greedy, and power-hungry Dragons conquer entire galaxies, bathing in the riches granted them by subjugated masses. The Deities of the Realms have become as corrupt and petty as the mortals they intend to guide and have become hated or forgotten by their worshipers. Angels, the caretakers of the Stellar Realms, look on with ambivalence as entire worlds wither and die. And worst of all, the Bleak, the inky darkness that exists as a cancer on the Realms, consumes everything it touches, as it stretches closer and closer to the Heart of the Realms.

Yet for all these trials, the mortal races continue, with individuals and nations trying to carve out their own homes in a universe ruled by superior, darker powers. For every exceptional individual that holds onto the principals and integrity, another falls to greed and corruption. Even the purest individuals have a dark side, often hidden deep within their cores. The gods can no longer be trusted to offer guidance, for they fall to decadence and depravity just as easily as men. Even the life essence of the universe, Belcarnium, the energy that makes existence possible in the Stellar Realms, is a greedy and consumptive thing. It latches onto the next warm body after its living shell dies, and with this passing it transfers the powers of the fallen to its new host.

But not all is dark and lost. Mortals experience compassion, love, joy, and prosperity in the shadow of all the things the haunt them. They live, continue, and go on no matter what the Realms throws at them. They persevere and continue. Hope is alive, for even with the darkest nights, comes a bright sunrise.

You are one of the citizens of the Stellar Realms. Not content with praying the horrors of the universe don’t come for you, you have taken ahold of your own destiny. Lifting your sword or rifle, you bravely take the fight to the horrors that lurk between the stars. Your motivation is your own. Do you seek wealth? Power? Excitement? Fame? Vengeance? Or are you a true force of righteousness in the cosmos? Your reasons are your own and the threats you face infinite. You may die a lonely death, or you might ascend to divinity by consuming the life force of your foes. But no matter how powerful you become, there will always be greater threats waiting for you.

If you are interested in adventuring and supporting the growth of such a setting, sign up for the Stellar Realm's Founder backer level to get exclusive early content and information. 

Thank you for your support!

I want to go ahead and thank everyone who does choose to help support Leovaunt Game Design, as you are helping the roleplaying community in general. We are honored by your support and donation, and will make sure we are providing the best games possible for you.
Thank you so much!

Game on!
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At this level, we will write a new StarCraft supplement with rules for the Brood Mother playable race! Lead the Zerg with your own powerful, customizable, swarm leader!
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