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#################### LAST UPDATE ##################
AUDIO: 18. From Rome Confidentially - Treatise on true devotion
TEXTThe mystery of the Coronavirus amid hypotheses and certainties
A COVID-19 Vaccine Developed on Aborted Babies’ Cells?
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TEXT: The hand of God and the hand of men
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TEXT: An Easter that will go down in history…
TEXT: EXCLUSIVE: Interview with Professor Roberto de Mattei on Tradition and Authority in the Church
Is the Corona Virus “the black swan” of 2020?
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TEXTDe Mattei: Is Timur at the gates?
TEXTCatholic historian: Our Lady of Fatima’s connection to the coronavirus outbreak
VIDEONew scenarios in the Coronavirus era - prof. Roberto de Mattei
VIDEOCoronavirus in Italy
TEXTHow St. Charles Borromeo braved the epidemic of his time
TEXT: The Conversion of the Jew Alphonse Ratisbonne
VIDEOPro-life movement in Italy - Interview with Virginia Coda Nunziante
VIDEOAcies Ordinata | Munich - January 28, 2020
TEXT: Acies Ordinata: Munich Edition – An Interview with Roberto De Mattei
PHOTO: Photos from Acies ordinata in Munich
TEXT: Today in Munich
TEXT: De Mattei: In Memoriam: The French Historian and the Italian Philosopher
AUDIO: 14. From Rome Confidentially - Pope Francis's slap
TEXT: Coronation of Charlemagne: Nativity of Christendom
TEXT: De Mattei: The ‘Mestizo’ Theology of Pope Francis
VIDEO: Roberto de Mattei: I wish you a Merry Christmas and happy New Year
AUDIO: 13. From Rome Confidentially - The Synodal Way of the German Church
TEXT: Who was the worst Pope in the history of the Church?
TEXT: De Mattei: Our Dead: a legion of souls sustaining us in the battle
AUDIO: 12. From Rome Confidentially - Trnava 18 November
AUDIO: 11. From Rome Confidentially - We Call for A Nuremburg Trial On Communism
AUDIO: 10. From Rome Confidentially - Catholic Umbria versus the Amazon faction
TEXTThe Synod on the Amazon, the spirit of Pachamama and the spirit of Elijah
TEXTSpecial De Mattei: The New Pact of the Catacombs: the fulfillment of Vatican II?
AUDIO: 09. From Rome Confidentially - Is Cardinal Betori still Catholic?
: Card. Burke and prof. de Mattei present Christus vincit by Mgr Schneider
TEXTCardinal Hummes, the head of the “Church of an Amazonian Face”
TEXTCatholic historian: There are now two religions within Catholic Church. One has an ‘Amazonian face’

PHOTOS: Photos Acies Ordinata | Rome - September 28, 2019
Appeal to the Angels
AUDIO: The Horizon of Cannibalism
: A Schismatic Synod on the Amazon?
08. From Rome Confidentially - A masonic and amazonic government
AUDIO: 07. From Rome Confidentially - A dark page in Italian history
TEXT: The 'Assisted Suicide' of the Church and Society
The John Paul II Institute has fallen. But has it fallen with honour?
06. From Rome Confidentially - The Amazon flows into the Tiber
TEXT: Announcing the ROUNDTABLE at the eve of the Pan-Amazon Synod
AUDIO: 05. From Rome Confidentially - An Important Week in Rom.....
: De Mattei: Is the principle of legality being extinguished in the Church?
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: 01. From Rome, Confidentially
TEXT: Dear Cardinals and Bishops, do you really want a Church like this?
: An Exceptional Document - Monsignor Vigano’s Interview to The Washington Post
: Exclusive for Patreon: It is the Hour of Action
TEXT: Pope Francis, the philosopher of inclusion
TEXT: De Mattei: What is at stake after the European elections of May 26
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TEXT: Cardinal Burke leads thousands in 9th annual Rome March for Life
TEXT: Love for the Papacy and Filial Resistance to the Pope in the History of the Church
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HOLY WEEK 2019: the Church is burning
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De Mattei: The Red Terrorist Cesare Battisti and his protectors
TEXT: Rorate interviews Professor Roberto de Mattei
AUDIO: Prof. Roberto de Mattei conference in Seville - March 2, 2019 - Part 2
Prof. Roberto de Mattei conference in Seville - March 2, 2019 - Part 1
TEXT: De Mattei interview in “La Verità”: Dear Church, quit being “gay friendly” ....
VIDEO: REMNANT in ROME: Michael Matt Interviews Roberto de Mattei
TEXT: De Mattei: The Condemnation of Cardinal Pell, the Church and the World
TEXT: De Mattei: The Catholic Resistance has made itself heard
TEXT: In heart of Rome, 100 Catholics silently protest Vatican....
VIDEO: Acies ordinata, Piazza San Silvestro, Rome, February 19, 2019
: In silence to break down the wall of silence!
AUDIO: The Church Will Prevail But How Part 2
The Church Will Prevail But How Part 1
TEXT: De Mattei: An LGBT Pamphlet against the Church
TEXT: Cardinal Gerhard Müller: Manifesto of Faith
AUDIO: Address on the Family from Vatican II to the Synod on the Family, given at Rome....

Interview of Professor Roberto de Mattei with La Porte Latine
AUDIO:Tu Es Petrus, April 2018 - Chicago - Part 2
AUDIO: Tu Es Petrus, April 2018 - Chicago - Part 1
Views from Rome - 02
The Historical Framework of the Message of Fatima: 1960 a Fatidic Year to.....
TEXT: Letter from Carlo Maria Viganò to Cardinal T. McCarrick
TEXTViews from Rome - 01
AUDIO: Conference on Vatican II, Washington, 9 April 2014 - Part 1
TEXTSocci’s Thesis Falls Short: Review of 'The Secret of Benedict XVI'
Martyrs of the Confessional
TEXT:  An appeal from the Lepanto Foundation - Dare, Monsignor!
AUDIO: Martyrs and Violators of the Confessional Seal
TEXT: The Spirit of Bethlehem
AUDIO: The Roots and Historical Consequences of Modernism - Part 2
AUDIO: The Roots and Historical Consequences of Modernism - Part 1

TEXT: De Mattei: “Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold”
TEXT: Defending “True Devotion to the Chair of St. Peter”: A Response to Professor...


December 10, 2018 - Feast of Our Lady of Loreto

Dear friends,

Many of you have known the Lepanto Foundation for a long time. Others have come to know the foundation, which is registered as a 501-C3 non-profit foundation in Washington, DC, more recently, and some of you are only just encountering our work for the first time. Some of you know me personally, while others know me through my articles translated into English by Rorate Coeli and other blogs, or through attending the conferences which we have held in the United States in recent years.

Today I would like to ask you to become a part of our mission, which is as follows:

The Lepanto Foundation is above all a work of cultural formation in defense of the principles and institutions of Christian civilization:

  • Beginning in 1989, we were among the first to denounce the socialist project of the European Union, which then took shape in the Maastricht Treaty. On our website you can find the text of the Letter to the Ministers of Europe which we personally delivered to Strasbourg in May 1992.
  • In 1993 we brought to light the existence of a migratory invasion which had as its goal the Islamization of Europe.
  • In 1995, we were among the first to denounce the project of the legalization of homosexuality then being encouraged by the European Parliament, establishing throughout Italy the Committees for the Defense of the Family and Traditional Order, which gathered 300,000 signatures at a time when the Internet did not yet exist.
  • After the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989, we unmasked the metamorphosis of the New Left after and we fought against its efforts to take power in Italy and Europe.
  • We have promoted conferences, meetings, and seminars on the most burning topics of current affairs, from evolutionism to brain death.

Meanwhile, the crisis within the Church has manifested itself in an ever-more virulent manner:

  • In 2010 we published my History of the Second Vatican Council, which had a great impact in Italy and was translated into many other languages. In this work I sought to demonstrate how the roots of the current religious crisis actually extend a long way, back to the times of the Modernist Crisis, condemned by Saint Pius X.
  • This past year we organized an important international gathering in Rome to discuss this same topic: Modernism, Its Roots and Its Consequences.
  • In addition to the monthly conferences which are held at our offices at Piazza di Santa Balbina in Rome, for the past five summers the Lepanto Foundation has presented a "Summer University" first at Norcia and then at Subiaco, centers of Benedictine monasticism, which has seen hundreds of young people and others participate.

Our voice speaks in the Lepanto newsletter, in the monthly journal Radici Cristiane, and in the weekly online news service Corrispondenza Romana which in 2018 was united to RadioRomaLibera, the first podcast in Italy, with which we collaborate intensely, just as we cooperate with all of our strength to promote the success of the annual March for Life in Rome.

We want to expand our work in the United States
, and in order to do this we need your help. Our first goal is to promote a series of conferences in 2019. We also want to make our various publications known to our English-speaking readers.

As our work is growing, we require the support of an ever-greater number of friends who want to join us in our battle. In order to do this, utilizing all of the tools which technology places a tour disposal, we wish to present ourselves to you through the web-platform of Patreon. This platform will permit us to create, consolidate, and expand a community of Followers of the Lepanto Foundation.

The first support I ask of you is that of prayer, solidarity, and friendship, which are essential in order to dispel the sense of isolation with which our adversaries would like to surround us. But in order to sustain and develop our work we need also financial support, which each of you can provide according to your means, making a free offering through the platform Patreon. I appeal therefore to all the friends and admirers of the Lepanto Foundation, all of you who believe in our apostolate, which we have undertaken since the 1970’s without any hesitation or desertion of the field of battle.

What we are in need of is a contribution – even if only a small one – which is regular and constant in order to support my work and that of the Lepanto Foundation. When you become one of our supporters, you will become part of a moral and cultural community, of a great spiritual family, you will be informed of all of our activities, and you will receive the articles and audio-video materials which we publish.

Each week, with a video and with an audio, I will offer support to all of our friends and benefactors, and I will respond personally to any of you who write me. Each one of you, by means of your support, can be united to me in this battle, in which my commitment is never to retreat.
I am convinced that in this moment God had “shed his grace” on America, assisting this great continent to understand the profound nature of the present crisis and to respond with strength and courage. For this reason I ask you to unite with us in this battle.

I place this new initiative under the protection of the Holy Angels and of Mary Queen of the Angels, as we celebrate the feast day of Our Lady of Loreto, who by the hands of the Holy Angels brought the Holy House of Nazareth safely to Christian lands.

I thank you and salute each of you with great affection.

Roberto de Mattei, President of the Lepanto Foundation

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