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Warmth embraces you in threads of light, illuminating the way in front of you. Everything helps! At this level you will receive:

  • early access to completed comic pages, illustrations, etc. - see my work before they get posted to my public web galleries!

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Guardian and vigilant protector, your post expands beyond the horizon. Thanks for your support! You will receive the above as well as:

  • see work in progress images of my comics/illustrations/etc!
  • see my sketches, doodles, and general fumblings with a pen in my sketchbook.
  • vote on what I should focus on - help me decide which of my many projects I work on!

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Your past does not define you, and your mortal body does not confine you. Receive everything above as well as:

  • High resolution .png files of my pieces, text free except for a my signature/name as a watermark, which I will do my very best to keep small and unobtrusive.
  • Isolated sketches and linework that you are free to color for your own personal (non-commercial) use. (You may share them online so long as you credit me with a link to any of my galleries, or to here!)
  • the occasional sharing of textures, brushes, etc. that I make and use in my work!

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About Leptailurus

Hi there! (^≗ω≗^)
My name is Leptailurus! I'm an artist of sorts currently residing in Maryland. I'm passionate about nature and animals (especially wild cats) and that shows in my work. You can find my portfolio of work at Leptailurus.com or on the following web galleries and social media: deviantARTFurAffinityTumblrTwitter, TwitchInstagramArtstation

Why am I on Patreon?
It's been my dream to afford the time to work on my art and with your help I believe it is possible! Drawing has always been something I have had to frequently put on the back burner to focus instead of making ends meet and keeping a roof over my head. That has never stopped me from sketching, and my friends and family joke about how I am constantly armed with a sketchbook and pencil. They are right, of course. I can be found sketching anywhere and everywhere I can. Nothing stops me. I sketch at dinnertime, at the doctor's office, in the bathtub, and I even fall asleep at night with a pencil to paper. I suppose you could say I'm just a little obsessed, but to me art is like breathing, I can't live without it!

What do I get for supporting?
Lots of stuff, and its always expanding! Right now I can offer you previews and work in progress images, sketches, final illustrations, higher resolution copies of said illustrations, brushes, textures, timelapse videos... and I'm always open to ideas for what else I can give you as thanks for your support!

Thank you so much for your support! I could not do this without you guys!

19% complete
This goal not only eases the financial stress on me a little, it also allows me to afford and maintain better equipment. It allows me some time to clear my mind and focus only on my personal projects. I will stream a minimum of 2 days a week.
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