is creating sound for #nsfw animations!

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About Lerico

Hello and welcome to my Patreon!

My name is Lerico. I'm a regular dude that is really sad that there are so many great #nsfw animations without audio. I'm here to change that as much as I can!

First of all I would like to thank you for even checking this Patreon out. I'm glad you're interested enough to even visit.

Why did I start a Patreon?

I just recently started doing this and I got incredible support and I'm already really thankful for that. Being overwhelmed with that support I thought to myself that I could start a Patreon. The main reason is that I don't have a permanent job, and I'm trying really hard to save up for new PC parts. You would not believe how laggy Adobe Premiere gets when you start dropping in dozens of sounds to the timeline. Here is an example of how a timeline looks when I'm done:

I was able to purchase all the parts I needed thanks to your support. If you decide to support me now, you're doing it solely to keep me motivated and help me pay for everyday stuff (food, rent, bills, college). Less time I have to spend working on my shitty part time job the more I can spend adding sound to animations.

What do I get by supporting you?

My eternal gratit... Yeah. You probably don't care about that, do you? :D
Well for details you can read the tier descriptions.

Benefits you get as a Patron (differs by tier*):
•  early access to all of my content,
• you get to vote on polls,
• *access to archive containing all the work,
• * request animations you want me to add sound to.

Since you're going to be financially supporting me, I will try to fill all requests. To request an animation just send me a private message. Don't request anything that is against Patreons' rules!

Only limit for lower tier patrons is animation length. Adding sound to a 6 second animation can take up to 2 hours sometimes. If you're trying to make it perfect like I do,

If you wish to contact me you can do so through Discord, Twitter or Patreon.

IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: I did not create any of the animations I post. I only add sound to them. The original creator of the animation will always be credited!
79% complete
Dream job!!!

- 10 sound edits per month
- Every sound edit gets a custom dub by a professional VA making each sound edit feel much more special, unique and higher quality!

Goal reached!
Thank you! ♥
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