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I will offer a simple "Thank you" for your generous support.  You will have access to special reviews of comic books, movies, novels, etc.
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You will have access to my reviews of foreign, independent, and documentary and nonfiction films.  You will have some access to developmental art for comic book and other projects.
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You will receive a personal "Thank you," postcard.  You will get previews of developmental art from my comic books, current and in-development.  Upon your first pledge, you will receive a promotional copy of my comic book, Grumble: Chapter One.




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ALERT - Posts that are reviews of comic books, movies, and books will be available to all visitors for at least two full days.  Afterwards, some will be moved behind the "pay wall" for patrons.  The exceptions will be for reviews of material that a publisher or creator specifically sent to me for review.

You can support one of two of my endeavors or both.

1. I write reviews of comic books, movies, and books (fiction and non-fiction) and also essays and opinion pieces about social and political issues.  I publish my work on two blogs (Negromancer, I Reads You) and at the ComicBookBin. Patreon support will help me with research and any travel expenses related to my writing.

2. I also write and publish the dark fantasy and horror comic, Grumble, as a webcomic at the website, ComicBookBin.  The original plan was to publish Grumble as a print comic book, later collecting it as a print trade paperback or graphic novel.  By last year, I realized that it made sense, financially, to simply make it available as a webcomic, which readers could access at the ComicBookBin without paying money for a print copy.  Start reading here http://www.comicbookbin.com/grumbleonepage001.html

I write and finance Grumble, which is currently drawn by artist, Diego Candia, with future contributors to be announced at a later date.  I serialize Grumble at the Bin, one new page every Sunday.

Patron support will help pay for the artists and lettering.  Patreon support will give Grumble a regular publishing schedule, so that there will not be gaps between weekly postings (on Sundays).  I will be able to expand chapters, and, most of all, I will perhaps be able to publish at least two pages a week.

There: two choices.  If you are not interested in my webcomic, you may support my writing.  Thank you.

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I can increase the frequency of my digital/webcomic, Grumble: The Body, which I write.  I can make sure that I have at least four episodes (1 page per week) every month.  I can even pay the artists more.  Or I can see more movies and obtain more books to review.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 118 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 118 exclusive posts

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