Leroy Douresseaux a.k.a I Reads You is creating Comics and Writing

$1 /mo
I will offer a simple "Thank you" for your generous support.  You will have access to special reviews of comic books, movies, novels, etc.


$2 /mo
You will have access to my reviews of foreign, independent, and documentary and nonfiction films.  You will have some access to developmental art for comic book and other projects.

The Magic Starts

$5 /mo
You will receive a personal "Thank you," postcard.  You will get previews of developmental art from my comic books, current and in-development.  Upon your first pledge, you will receive a promotion...

$10 /mo
Thank you postcard; plus, exclusive looks at scripts and notes from my comic book projects.  Plus a copy of Grumble: Chapter One.

$25 /mo
You will get a look at original comic book art in breakdown, pencil, and inked form before publication. Plus, a promotional copy of Grumble: Chapter One.

$100 /mo
I'll talk to you at least once a month about projects and writings.

$500 /mo
You get to consult with me and become part of the creative process, including appearing in Grumble or another comics project.

$1,000 /mo
You are an investor and get to call some shots.