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is creating articles on global patriarchy, lesbianism, and decolonization.
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About Lesbians for Liberation

Lesbians for Liberation is a zine run by colonized lesbians exploring the unique oppressions we face as colonized people, nonwhite lesbians, and "un-women" removed from (cis)heterosexual womanhood. We are communists dedicated to decolonization, reparations to the Global South, and the destruction of patriarchy which forms the basis for class society.

We do our work for lesbians, and specifically colonized lesbians. For too long, we have been marginalized within our own communities; deprived of both platform and space to record our specific experiences, thoughts, feelings, histories. Our community is an embattled one. Thus, this zine is an effort to create a place where our existences and histories are not simply "tolerated," but allowed to flourish.

As unapologetic lesbian feminists, we know that our existences themselves are acts of defiance. We set up this Patreon with the knowledge that we are working against the tide and will need all the support we can get.

Our writers span the country and commit to this publication despite juggling a multitude of jobs and responsibilities in real life. Every Patron supports our dedicated writers, and allows us to continue educating and agitating the masses on these integral issues.
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