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Health science is great when it's done right and communicated properly to the public. Unfortunately, this usually isn't the case. Poorly designed studies, bad analyses, poor reporting, and incorrect interpretations can deceive other researchers, journalists, and the general public

With the presence of a system that incentivizes novel findings and journalists looking to quickly draft a piece to meet deadlines, you get a vicious cycle that creates hype but not much substance. 

Less Likely was created to combat this hype and to take a deep dive look at both newly published papers and their coverage by the media. Unlike other sources that attempt this, Less Likely does not shy away from the statistical methods of these studies.

The core philosophy of this site is built around statistics, so you can expect a lot of takes from leading statisticians, epidemiologists, and clinical trialists. But these discussions won't only be written for statistically savvy individuals, they're written for both researchers and the general public, so that they can take away several things: 

  • validity of the design and analyses
  • applicability of the findings to the general population
  • accuracy of the interpretations of the study authors
  • accuracy of the coverage by journalists

Therefore, the goal of this site is to cover popular health science studies and their coverage by the media every week so that eventually readers will develop their own toolkit for evaluating studies.

To get a sense of what this site produces, check out some of these articles:



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