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About Tiffany Le

The Artist
I'm a Vietnamese-American freelance illustrator (and daily bunny wrangler), born and raised in the Little Saigon area of Southern California. I graduated from CSULB with a MFA in Illustration in 2016, and outside of commissioned and contracted work, I continue to investigate and tackle themes towards cultural legacy, literary and legendary accounts of women and mythical beasts, my struggle with identity as a daughter of Vietnamese refugees, and my perspectives as a South-East Asian American woman on daily existence and the contemporary world at large. 

Many of my personal projects, along with other pieces of my art, are self-published and can be found on my online store; in addition, I also table at artist alleys and zine fests like Wondercon, Fanime, and LA Zine Fest, and participate in gallery shows at Gallery Nucleus and Giant Robot.

Lately, I have been finding myself slowly getting back into my zine work, and exploring other fields like storyboarding and comics.

With your patronage, I will be able to further explore these themes with less financial stress, and more importantly:

  • print and distribute more of my works to others such as my patrons.
  • maintain my art portfolio website.
  • pay fees to submit to more gallery shows, publications, and residencies.
  • set up and maintain online creative streaming and art videos (future goalThe Artwork
While my style varies, my forte is in my line work; thus, I do a lot of ink illustrations, though I'm continuously exploring.


Current Projects
At the moment, I am working on getting a few projects back on track after my commissioned work.

1. A Comic Proposal

While I am still doing small snippets of comics and zines, this is a larger serious project that I am working on with a fellow writer. Snippets of it are shown only to my current Patrons as the project is still under wraps.

2. Zine Series! Such as... Tragic Waters Vol. 2

Tragic Waters is an ongoing project on the stories of unfortunate female figures who perish in some form of drowning. My theme explores how the calamitous tides of their times render their voices through analytical musings and illustrations; the extended edition of this zine includes more illustrations and stories as well as refined and expansive writing on how these tales affect women portrayal in media. The first volume was edited and expanded, and I hope to create a larger edition of this visual essay in the future.

Aside from Tragic Waters, I want to finish Just Add Scallions & Cilantro Vol. 2 as well as some smaller little zines like #FirstWorldBobaProblems.

3. Cosmobuns & Co.

Currently hiatus, but still work in progress, Cosmobuns & Co. is a collaborative zine art project in the works... because bunnies. I've tallied together about thirty eager artists to help me draw sassy, adorable rabbits to fill the pages and to put it together toward getting kickstarted in the future.

With Patreon, you can set up a payment plan to help fund my art. And as a patron, you can set a limit to how much you give for each update as well cap it for each month to not go over your allotted budget. And of course, you have the choice to opt out whenever you want! 

For more information, you can check out this video:


36% complete
Working on a video stream as it is, but when I reach $100 per month, I will be able to upload at least one video each month!
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