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is creating BE and Blow-up Doll TF pinups, scenes and TF sequences

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Same access as level 1, except you get access to all the older sets which will remain online for you.  Perfect for the late joiner who has missed previous months.

APRIL 3rd NOTE : Just launching the Patreon today so we are starting at 0 sets.  This reward currently won't have any more value than level 1 until 5 sets have been posted.  Joining at this tier at this moment will simply be a show of support on your part and very appreciated, but be warned that this current access won't give more than 1$ access for the first month.  You are still welcome to pledge at this tier if you desire, of course.
per packages 5-10 pictures
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Access to everything I post, new and old.  
When releasing transformation sequences, I will be giving out the PSD files of the sequences.  The idea is you get PSD files of mine with all my layers in its extensive and glorious messy form.  Most of those will have the girls posing in different poses during their transformation sequence but to do this, I need to render both her in human form and her in doll form.  
This means the PSD will have my workflow but also layers of the girls as human and layers of the girls as dolls.  You may then play with the transparency masks and do the TF a different way if you wish.  If the TF sequence has text, you will be able to remove the text and replace it with your own to make your own story or remove the text bubbles entirely.



About Leticia Latex

For the last few months, I have been working at perfecting my skills with 3D posing software and the endeavour, while very fun, has been very pricey.

Because it is such an investment of time and personal income, and because a lot of people expressed interest into helping out the cause, I am launching this Patreon page to gather support.

While I will still be releasing quality, regular shots on DA, Tumblr and Flickr, a lot of them will be part of a full set so you can see more than a single picture of a certain cutie, from more than the usual angles I post.  There will also be some sequences, of which maybe just one frame will be made available on DA/Tumblr/Flickr.  This is how I can come to peace with charging people for my art and still giving a couple freebies.

Bottom line, if you like my stuff and would love to see more of it, it would be super appreciated to get your support.  Thanks a lot and enjoy!

How my Patreon will work...
Welcome everyone and thanks for the interest in my art!

Here are a few things to know on how Patreon works and how my page will operate:
- Patreon charges you on the first of every calendar month.
- Access is given out after being billed.
- Patreon lets you charge either a monthly charge or on a 'per post' basis.

- The pledge you make to me is on a 'per post' basis. This allows me to keep prices low and enticing.

Here's why...
The idea is that I do not have enough unreleased material (all of it is available on Deviant Art at the moment, with a couple bonus pics on Tumblr and Flickr) to charge a 20$/month for 'all my stuff'

By keeping the price low, people who want to follow me and get the latest stuff can do so at 1$ per post (of 5-10 pictures), with access to up to 5 sets, the older ones being rotated out as new ones come out. Since I aim to post around 4 sets per month on average, this means for a whole month, it could cost you up to 4$. Pretty reasonable.
The second tier is self-explanatory. It will start to have proper value after 5 sets have been posted and you then get access to all retired sets as well, on a good month, it could cost you up to 8$.
The 5$ tier gives you all the bells and whistles and would possibly cost up to 20$/month.

So the idea behind the 'per post' method is to keep costs low while they can still reach the 20$ mark some Patreons have for their 'everything' tier. And the beauty of this is if I post less, it just costs you less.

100% complete
A clothes making modeling software.  This means I should rely less on happening upon the perfect garment for the girls and let me eventually make my own clothing.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 421 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 421 exclusive posts

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