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The District is vast and full of dangers! But you’re not alone in your journey! 

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Hello fellow bounty hunters and welcome to Let's Be Legendary podcast! Our small gaming group is so excited and thrilled to be able to share this story with you! All of us are new to this podcasting thing, but we're working really hard to improve and can't wait to put all of our plans into action! We have so many ideas for the future and with your help, we can actually do them! Every little bit helps. We can’t wait to grow this community and discover your stories and characters along with us! Side note: We apologize. The cats that randomly make their way into recordings became annoyed when we tried to cut them out. Such divas….

Why a Podcast?
For us, Let's Be Legendary is telling the stories we wish we could have heard when we were growing up. Our cast and crew are all queer in one flavor or another as well as disabled and mentally ill. All of us grew up never really seeing the stories we thought meant for us. Where were our trans superheros? Our silly gay rom-coms that didn’t end in tragedy? Our main character living with a disability that isn’t magically removed? Getting a chance to see a queer couple trying their best to do the right thing, both for the people they have to protect and for themselves? Where were our stories? Well if you can’t find them, make them! Our characters aren’t always perfect, but they are as real as we can make them, and are the people that we needed when we were growing up.

Why Dungeons and Dragons?
The loots. Also, we heard it might help us get girlfriends. Girls think DnD is cool, right? (Just kidding, two of us are married. To each other.) We all had a story we wanted to tell and for us, the medium of a table top rpg setting worked the best for us. The three of us are disabled and focus is something we struggle with unless we are actively engaged in it. DnD and other ttrpgs are excellent for keeping us engaged and allowing us to tell that story.

Where your money goes
We hope this podcast can grow. As soon as we’re able to maintain the podcast on it’s own, we’ll start with better post production, as well as offering more content. We have so many ideas and look forward to hearing about what you want to see from us! But first things first, we need to upgrade the equipment for better sound quality. As of right now, this is what we are paying for to maintain the podcast:
- Adobe Suite
- Music and Sound
- Website and email
- Hosting site

What we would like to get (short term goals:
- Soundcloud pro
- Upgrade our mic set up
- Be able to cover convention costs to a point

$2 or more per month: Become A Wanderer!

Early Access to episodes and new art
We’ll post all new episodes on Monday, two days before everyone else gets them! You’ll also get to see the art progress as our artist works on new material!
Shout out during an episode after you join
We’ll take a moment during an episode to thank you for your support.
Your name at the end of the credits on YouTube 
We post all podcasts on YouTube. Your name will have a permanent home there as a thank you.
Our deepest thanks!
I know everyone says this but, truly, we can’t do this without community support so thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Bounty Hunter
$5 or more per month: Take up a Bounty!

Bonus Episodes
Along with early episodes of the main game, we’ll post content from whatever else we do too! Whenever we take a break from the main game or want to goof off with other characters, you’ll get to hear everything!
DM's Notes and Campaign Journal
A chance to look into the DM’s notes as well as the official Campaign Journal as it gets updated.
Q&A Live Chat with the Cast and Characters On Discord (once a month)
Once a month, we’ll host a live chat for at least two hours where you can ask us anything! One of our cats might join too! Seline might even read your cards!
⭐All Previous Tier Rewards⭐
$158.67 of $300 per month

I can't tell you what this goal would mean to us. This way we'll have enough to upgrade our set up, equipment, and be able to create a much more professional sounding show. We'll also be able to travel around to conventions, something we're really hoping for! We'll start putting the next show "Crossroads" into full production as a spin off to The Feywild West, releasing episodes once a week. We'll also start production on our next adventure "Omen Arcanum".
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