Let's Talk About Sets

is creating a weekly, punchy NYC podcast on the craft of stand-up comedy.

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About Let's Talk About Sets

"Let's Talk About Sets!" is a labor of love by two New York comedians. It's a punchy, NYC-based podcast on the "science" and craft of stand-up comedy by comics who love it.

We want this to be a resource to help all of us grow as comics, sharing our comedy theories and laughing our asses inside out while we dissect our favorite stand-up bits from both legendary comedians and our own contemporaries. The show is funny, informative, structured, and poignant. The show is NOT just a few dudes huddled around a microphone convinced their hilarious banter is worth your time in spite of their utter anonymity. There's a rather large supply of that kind of content, all competing for justifiably paltry demand.

No, to the best of our ability, we're doing something here. So whether you're a comedy nerd, a comedian yourself, or you're pretty sure you want to try this absurd art form, this podcast is for you.

Each episode focuses on a particular theme, an element of stand-up as a craft. We then trace that theme through jokes and bits, doing our best to tackle every angle possible while we bust each others' balls and labia. Enjoy!

So get involved and support the show! If you donate $30 or more per month, you can pick a bit that we play and analyze on the show in your honor!

PS - It's not PG. But if we can corrupt one kid into starting stand-up early enough and sticking with it...well, that's how you make a Dave Chappelle.
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When I reach $100 a month, I'll be covering the cost of feeding the guests and producing the podcast! It's not a lofty goal, but I'd sure take it.
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