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Ashina Grunt

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You like what I do and want to help me keep going, but you've got grocery bills to worry about. All of my work is posted for free on my website, LeukuDnD.com, so you can just go there, but by becoming an Ashina Grunt you get to:
  • Join the Discord! Gain an Ashina Grunt role and be the soonest to receive my completed homebrews! Updating the website and posting on reddit takes time, but uploading to Discord is much quicker.
  • Motivate me to continue making balanced homebrew with beautiful graphic design! It's rare that I get to hear from any users of my homebrew content, so any sign of appreciation is tear-inducing.
Includes Discord benefits
  • Patron-only community
  • General Support

Shinobi Hunter

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Watch over the gates as a Shinobi Hunter! At this tier you can:
  • Gain the Shinobi Hunter Role on the Discord
  • See my homebrew development progress before I reach Final Publication Stage.
  • Exclusive Voting Power on what I should design or develop next!
  • Download Hi-Res PNGs of all of my work instead of the publicly released low-res JPEGs!
Includes Discord benefits
  • Work-in-progress/Behind-the-scenes
  • Patron-only community
  • High-res content (png instead of jpeg)
  • Exclusive voting power

Ashina General

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Become a force unto yourself as a Ashina General! You can:
  • Gain the Ashina General Role in the Discord
  • Ashina Generals gain access to a private discord channel where you get priority collaboration with me on any of my and/or your in-progress D&D homebrew work!
  • All Prior Tier Benefits!
  • MY NAAAAME IIIIIIS... Have your name/alias ring out across the land by being credited in all of my homebrew work going forward.
Includes Discord benefits
  • Patron-only community
  • Work-in-progress/Behind-the-scenes
  • Work-in-Progress Collaboration
  • High-res content (png instead of jpeg)




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About LeukuDnD

Halloa, I make 5th edition homebrew D&D content. I've been designing and publishing homebrew content since 5th edition came out more than 6 years ago, but never thought of making a Patreon until a few weeks ago. This changed when I a) fell in love with the video game Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice all over again, b) encountered a wonderful Sekiro streamer, and c) learned how to Photoshop.

All of my work will continue to be published for free here, on my website Leukudnd.com, on reddit, and on twitter, including the fully illustrated passion project: the Sekiro: D&D Conversion Project. However, any support you throw my way will help me spend less time thinking about the total at the grocery checkout counter and more time writing and designing homebrew.

If you want to support me at higher tiers, then I can offer additional benefits, like seeing my work and development process before they reach publication stage, becoming part of the development process and thus credited in all of my homebrew work that you contribute to, vote on what you want me to homebrew next, have any homebrew ideas of yours brought into reality by me, and more if I can think of any. Let me know if you have any ideas or requests.

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I am easily overwhelmed by any of the attention I get from any of my publications, and I really do just love making 5e homebrew. I greatly appreciate your support and especially any experiences you have with my work, and I hope to continue making homebrew for the indefinite future. Please help me continue along that path.
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