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I'm a writer and a journalist, and journalism is broken. There's a huge gap between what magazines, websites, and newspapers are willing to pay for "content" and what would be a living wage for these things.

But it's not just a problem of will. Most of these publishers have a broken business model, so it's not a conspiracy against writers even though some businesses take advantage of writers' desperation to pay low rates, or even nothing, to people who will work for possible visibility. 

All of this just to explain why a paid freelancer is looking for tips. If I had 100 people pledging $1 each, that would go a long way to closing the gap and letting me shower in hot water and eat things, and keep writing.

So here's how Patreon works: you set an amount to tip whenever I release a piece. You can set a limit to make sure that you don't pay too much during a busy month, so you can tip me $1 per article with a $5 limit and even if I write 10 articles one month you will still only spend $5. 

I'll post all my articles longer than 400 words.

Thanks for reading and thanks for your help,


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