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This will get you access to all commentary and opinion editorials, stories and updates about what's happening in the world of advanced sales and digital marketing techniques for about the cost of a Starbucks Grande Caffe Latte each month.
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This will get you everything in tier 1 PLUS the weekly newsletter and 2 new explainer videos each month for about the cost of a Starbucks Grande Caramel Frappuccino. 
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This will get you everything in the first two tiers PLUS the Podcasts each month for the cost of a Chipotle Burrito and a Coke.  We need a certain number of Patrons before we can afford the studio and production rentals, so the sooner we get there, the quicker we can get the Podcasts streaming. We have the experts lined up and ready to go. It will be very entertaining. Your support is crucial.




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About Level 1


My name is Steve King. I am launching Level 1 on Patreon because in today’s highly congested world of sales and marketing, we could all use a competitive advantage.

I have spent my entire professional career in sales and marketing. I’ve carried a bag and I’ve managed large sales organizations. I’ve sold over $100 million in enterprise software products, information and Cybersecurity technology, media, advertising and marketing, executive search and recruitment, management consulting services and door-to-door newspaper and magazine subscriptions.

I have worked in brand development, positioning and messaging and have managed sales and marketing organizations for advertising, digital media, sales enablement and acceleration technology companies. In fact, my first job offer out of college was as a copy-writer for a San Francisco Ad agency.

But, enough about me. What will you get when you join Level 1?

You’ll get every sales and marketing hack I know and along with that, you will get insights and sales acceleration tips and techniques from some of the industry’s most successful sales and marketing experts.

Initially, patrons will receive four in-depth stories every month reporting on topics ranging from how you can turn your business or yourself into a high velocity sales machine, improving lead generation via Twitter, LinkedIn and other social media networks, intel on humanizing your business-customer relationships, and how data, technology and outbound selling can accelerate selling strategies, to sales enablement perspectives that will drive productivity, how to make effective cold calls and close deals, the best practices for managing sales pipelines, and how to create winning sales presentations.

In addition, patrons will get two “explainer” videos each month that are designed to inspire you to adopt key sales fundamentals in a way that will be entertaining at the same time.

Patrons will also receive a weekly newsletter that encapsulates what we consider to be the most relevant and useful news items of the week so that you can be always aware of the latest developments in areas of sales acceleration and creative marketing in the Internet age. The newsletter will also feature tips and insights along with a weekly moment of Zen.

Your patronage will pay for royalty-free images and video clips, media and email tools and technologies, enhanced digital content, video production licenses and the tools necessary to produce entertaining and informative Podcasts with some of the sales and marketing industry's most notable and entertaining experts. If we build a large enough patronage and you find this information valuable enough, we will expand the content and frequency of publication.

And you will get all of this for the cost of a cup of coffee and a burrito every month instead of tens of thousands you would otherwise pay for this level of advice and counsel. What a deal!

I am looking forward to getting this started on June 1. So, please join in and become a member so we can improve our ability to create and share market winning strategies and help you become more effective and successful sales and marketing professionals. Thank you in advance.

PS. Stand by. More to come this week.

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When we get here, we can start producing the Podcasts which will be absolutely awesome - you will not believe how hysterically funny some of these people can be. Imagine ... conversational sales and marketing comedy, satire, cynical takes on politics, world events, Salesforce, Microsoft, bloviating, self-important sales-guru's, ... never seen before stuff. You'll love it. So, help me out here. I am dying to start producing these things.
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