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About Ciara Houghton

Grand Opening!!

(or something along those lines)

Everyone who signs up as a patron (all levels) during September 2016
may contact me for their own personal, tiny, and unique digital sketch
that I'll never post elsewhere.

Welcome to a place where you can explore and support the art, writing, and photography of Craig Houghton. Here fans can help me meet professional and personal goals while getting the kind of feedback usually reserved only for close friends and family. We'll be in this together, Expect behind the scenes glimpses, work you'll never see elsewhere, giveaways to all membership levels, and the chance to provide direction that you'll actually see come to life. 

What is Patreon?
It's like a subscription Kickstarter where everyone works together empower artists, giving them the encouragement and opportunity to create. It's an updated and crowd-sourced system of patronage--instead of a single wealthy family supporting an artist, lots of people work together, typically donating a few dollars a month while enjoying a tiered reward system.

Who is Craig Houghton
I'm a guy with a day job that spends nearly all his free time creating. I'd love to have a full-time creative job, but for now I try to find ways to fit in and justify my obsessions.

  • Writing - As C.S. Houghton, I'm the author of The Captain's Door.
  • Artwork - I paint or draw nearly daily. My illustrations are on packages in big box stores like Walmart and Jo-Ann Fabrics as well as in a few smaller publications over the years. I sell my work when I can, although I dislike producing simply to make things that I know will sell, hence Patreon. I like to pursue my interests, not money. You can see a variety of work at although only a portion of my work makes its way there and none of the work in progress stuff that I'll be posting here.
  • Photography - I started a wedding photography business with my wife, but that's no longer in operation. Between losing every weekend to devoting most evenings to photo editing, it was just too much to pair with a full-time job. Still, I've never stopped shooting for fun and the occasional stock photo. I love old, film cameras as well as digital. My photo work and art absolutely overlap in terms of composition, color, texture, and subject. You can see a lot of my work on my Flickr page.

Beyond that, my adoring wife and I live in Connecticut with our heterochromic dog. I studied creative writing at Southern Connecticut State University, enjoy painting, drawing, collecting old cameras, photography, gardening, guitar, harmonica, keyboard, vintage typewriters, walking, tea, and biking.

Please check out the support levels (along the sidebar on the right), feel free to reach out to me, and thank you so much for taking the time to visit this page and read a bit about me and my work.

Thanks for visiting and

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When I am out drawing or painting on the iPad Pro, which is pretty often, I prop it on my carry bag to keep it at a decent angle (face should be relatively parallel with the work surface), same with my sketchbooks. It kind of works, but it's the surface moves quite a bit while I'm working. This stand should solve that, making it easier to do what I do. Will also be useful around the house when not camped out behind my angled, drafting-style board in the studio. Here's a link to check it out:
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