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is creating comic books, concept art, and illustrations.
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This tier will include early looks at comic pages thumbnailed or roughly-sketched and concepts half-complete and almost-finished. You'll get exclusive glimpses of Levi's chaotic sketchbooks and you'll even get a few 'deleted scenes' from comic issues and abandoned ideas. Plus, subscribers will get early access to digital Mayflower issues.




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About Levi Hoffmeier

Levi received a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Missouri, Columbia in 2010 with an emphasis in anatomy and illustration. Since then, you may have seen his work in a number of Shadowrun books, Halo: Evolutions Volume I, the Fistful of Arrows webcomic, the mobile game Mothership, or other various illustrations for video games, comics, books, and toys. Levi works in traditional and digital mediums. You can view Levi's full illustration portfolio at: LeviHoffmeier.com

His latest project is Mayflower, an ongoing science fiction comic book. You can visit MayflowerComic.com to read it digitally or in print.

Why Patreon?
While I've had the opportunity to get paid for my artwork from time to time, it is infrequent, unpredictable, and usually doesn't pay the bills. Creating and self-publishing my own comic book also requires a hefty penny and a lot of time. Contributions from patrons here will go towards making Mayflower and my art a reality, from paying for printings of the comics, to website hosting fees, and to buying tables at conventions. They'll also assist in paying for basic human survival requirements like food and shelter, allowing me to have more time dedicated to actually making my art.
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I can pay for proofs, art supplies, website fees, and/or cut the cost of artist alley tables down significantly!
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