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is creating 3D models for 3D Printing
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  • You will get 3d printing files of created model in .stl format for printing at home;
  • You will get videos of 3d model creations process with commentary in English;
  •  You will get high-res renders. You can use them to make print for your wall or for a cool t-shirt;
per month
  • You will get 3d printing files of created model in .stl format for printing at home;
  • You will get videos of 3d model creations process with commentary in English;
  • You will get high-res renders. You can use them to make print for your wall or for a cool t-shirt;
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  • You will get licence for selling 3d prints of my models received with this Tier. Please check description about licensing condition in page Overview;
  • You will get all the rewards from lower Tiers;




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About Pawel Jaruga (Levus3D)


Who I am and what I'm doing?

My name is Pawel and I'm professional character artist, digital sculptor and 3d instructor from Poland. I'm also a founder of Creepytables, miniatures and collectibles studio.
On Patreon I'm doing 3d models in purpose of 3d printing and I'm releasing them to my Patrons every month.

I started working in CG and gamedev industry over 10 years ago, got many professionally created characters in my portfolio, I have also received few awards for my works. So I believe that thanks to my experience I can share an interesting knownledge and create many fun models for my Patrons. If you're here, you're probably know some about my works, but if you like to know more, you can find links at the end of description. Meanwhile reading you can see some images from my portfolio, like Ralph the Gnome below.

(Ralph - model created for Creepytables miniatures studio)

What I plan to do on the Patreon, how and why?

I decided to create this Patreon site to make 3d sculpting easier for everyone. Especially for 3d printers owners. I'm a 3d modelling and 3d printing passionate so I think that Patreon page as great opportunity to focus more on this fun hobby. Together we will get a lot of fun creating 3d models and printing them.

I'm creating 2-4 3d models in month, then I'm releasing 3d printing files in .stl format to my Patrons!

(Zilla Commando character created for Shadow Warrior 2 game by Flying Wild Hog)

What's your benefits and requirements?

  • You will learn about 3d sculpting and modeling from my videos (Creator Tier);

Remember, that I'm not teaching about basics of 3d software but about efficient approach to 3d.
Of course in some points I will be showing how to do specific operations and will do some explanaitions, but basic knowledge about 3d is something you should already have.

  • You will get 3d models in .stl files (Creator Tier);

I'm modelling with purpose of 3d printing and you will get those models in .stl files, so you can print them on your own 3d printer. So if you're 3d printer owner this is definitely for you, no modelling skill needed here. No matter if your machine is FDM, SLA or DLP type, I'm preparing models for convenient printing on many types of machines.
In addition you will get high-res renders of those models.

  • You can earn money selling models (Seller Tier);

If you're strongly into 3d printing already, you can make some money printing my models and selling them. Remember, that selling source files you're getting from me or copying 3d printed models with any technique (molding and casting for example) is not allowed.
You can sell only original, unmodified 3d prints. Crediting me in description as author of the original model will be nice. Please read about licensing conditions of the models below in the description, if you're not sure about something, feel free to ask me.

  • You will get a lot of fun with 3d printing hobby;

I believe there are so many people like me, that felt in love with 3d printing technology, so let's learn and create together.

(Awarded Mad Hatter bust created at Zbrush Summit 2017)

What's the schedule and subject?

For start of my Patreon page I plan to create 2-4 models in month, depends of model complexity.
I will choose subject of modelling by what I like, but with the growth of the community we will make polls to decide together the next subject of creation.

When you will be charged?

You will be billed after signing as my Patron, then you will be billed on the beginning of each month.

Selling and distribution of my models as digital files in not allowed.
Selling 3d prints is not allowed with exeption of Seller Tier.
Choosing Seller Tier, you're acceptin following licensing conditions:

  • You're getting non-exclusive license for selling received models in physical stores, webstores, portals like eBay or Etsy or by direct sales;
  • Licence is valid until you're staying my Patron with Seller Tier. Licence expires if you cancel your patronage with Seller Tier;
  • You can sell 3d prints of unmodified models only (technical preparation allowed). Copying 3d prints by any mass production technique (for example molding and casting) and selling those copies is not allowed;
  • Distribution of received digital files is not allowed;
  • If you have any additional questions about commercial licensing, feel free to ask me;

So now, let's go create!
Thanks for stopping by, and if you are my Patron already, huge thanks for your support!

(Dryad - model sculpted for Creepytables miniatures studio)

(Smoking Caterpillar - crowdfunded resin kit produced by Creepytables miniatures studio)

(All Seeing Sue - personal work)
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This goal will be definitely a test for my Patreon page. If you guys will like my creations and videos and my Patreon site became popular I will try to take it to the next level according your feedback.
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